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Macabre support of murder and anti-democratic slander from the Conservative Youth

11. November 2004

by Lars Akerhaug from Norway

The same day as the USA ignited its last phase of the planned massacre of the people in Fallujah (November 9th) the Youth Conservatives in Oslo stated publicly that they file charges against the Red Electoral Alliance (RV) for support a collection of funds for medical equipment sent to Iraq.

Together with other independents and members of other parties representatives from the RV and the leadership of this party has participated in the formation of the Committee for a free Iraq (

The committee plans to raise funds for sending medical equipment to the areas controlled by the resistance. This includes a political support to the struggle against US occupation of the country.

The Youth Cons should maybe adjust their address, as it is this committee which is legally responsible for this fundraising. However, we believe that both the committee and those from the RV who are members there would look forward with great anticipation to such a trial. The legitimacy of struggling against occupation and for self-determination is as obvious for Iraqis as it was for Norwegian patriots during the occupation of Norway from 1940-45. It is a grave violation when the youth cons deny an occupied people the right to resist against occupation. It is they, and not us who are attacking very fundamental international law.

When the Youth Cons now want to use the terrorist laws to stop fundraising for medical equipment, at the same time as civilians suffer in Fallujah, this is a good example of how the post-911 terrorist legislature works. The laws, who were framed as “fighting terrorism” is clearly political instruments utilized for stopping resistance against the US aggression wars.

The declared intention of the Youth Cons is to show their macabre support of the bloodshed of the US in Iraq, initiated to rig the scene for “elections” in January. And now they want to import this to Norway “US style”: Fighting opposition with dictatorship, attacking free speech.

Lars Akerhaug
Intl` officer of the Red Electoral Alliance