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Anti-imperialist Conference in Pakistan to be held Nov 27, 28

15. November 2004

By Pakistan Mazdoor Kisan Party

The imperialist armed intervention and reckless economic exploitation in this region has actuated Pakistan Mazdoor Kisan Party to hold “World Anti Imperialist Conference” at Lahore, Punjab Province, Pakistan on November 27-28, 2004, to which we are inviting delegates from different Communist Parties and Revolutionary Organizations engaged in struggle against imperialism on slot the world over.

To successfully counter & finally defeat this brutal aggression, we believe that only a well coordinated and perfectly unified struggle of the world people can yield desired results. The proposed conference will definitely go a long way in that direction. We hope to gain a lot through exchange of experience with fraternal revolutionary organizations.

With our meagre resources we shall be able to extend only local hospitality.

Hope your party will depute a delegation to participate in the proposed conference. For further mutual communication kindly contact:

Yours Comrade
Syed Azeem
Secretary General



We are told living in the era of so called open market economy, which has caught, the world in a sort of neo colonial system comprising economic political and military supremacy of Multinational Corporations. These multinational corporations contested the elections of the rulers of imperialist countries remaining behind the curtain. Then the rulers of the imperialist countries force the rulers of developing countries to liberalize their economy through IMF, World Bank and World Trade Organization. In this way, after liberalization of economies, the third world countries become an easy prey for economic interests of multinational corporations. When a country refuses to implement these policies, she is attacked by imperialist forces in the name of elimination of terrorism and maintenance of peace etc. Situation of Iraq and Afghanistan reflect these tactics of imperialist countries. Now the world is on verge of a horrible war. Threats of attack on Iran, North Korea and Syria may aggravate this situation.

Situation in Pakistan

In Pakistan a nexus of military Generals, Feudals and civil bureaucrats is ruling. Their close ally is clergy (Mullahs). All the above-mentioned forces are agents of imperialists i.e. humble servants of imperialists. Particularly military bureaucrats of Pakistan has been serving the interests of imperialists in the region since 1947.

In 50s, Pakistan has been made a frontline state against Soviet Union and was forced to indulge in SEATO and CENTO against the wishes of the Peoples off Pakistan. Communist Party resisted but was wrongly involved in so called Pindi Conspiracy Case and consequently party was banned and hence its fronts, Progressive Writer´s Association and Democratic Student Federation (DSF), were also banned in 1954. Party continued its struggle in the name of Aazad Pakistan Party and then National Awami Party (NAP). Pakistan Military bureaucrats openly started playing the character of agents of imperialists and organized clergy (Mullahs) to defeat the movement of communism in Pakistan and hence with the help of USA laid down the foundations of fundamentalism. CIA used the reactionary agency ISI to start Jehad in Afghanistan against revolution there in 1979. In this way through out 1980s, billions of dollars were poured in Pakistan and Afghanistan to combat communism and promote fundamentalist reactionaries. This continued till 1992 i.e. the collapse of Soviet Union. In short through out the cold war military bureaucrats of Pakistan had been the humble servant of imperialists.

Unfortunately they continued their job as agents of imperialists even after cold war. First the military bureaucrats of Pakistan (Gernale Shahi) created Taliban to assure a passage for US imperialism to the Caspian Sea Oil. But after four years, in the name of War against terrorism, joined hands with imperialists and hence imposed war on Afghanistan. It is a talk in the town that without the assistance of military bureaucracy of Pakistan the occupation of Afghanistan was not possible. Almost all of the so called popular parties are in one way or other are the creations of military bureaucrats including Pakistan Peoples Party, Muslim League and Muthida Majlas-e-Amal (MMA-commonly known as Mullah Military Alliance) and hence they are all in favour of liberalization of economy dictated by international monetary institutions and hence imperialism. These so called electionary parties always lick the shoes of military Generals and try to convince and please US imperialism to abide by their orders. Clergy (Mullahs) of Pakistan doing politics in the name of so-called religious political alliance (Muthada Majlas-e-Amal) had been the old humble servants of imperialist. They are only giving a lip service while sloganing against US imperialism and military bureaucrats of Pakistan. Many of the so-called left parties of Pakistan are confused about US presence in Afghanistan and thought that it is against Taliban which were reactionaries. They are now social democrats and are tied with NGOs and believe in reforms. So Pakistan Mazdoor Kisan Party (Pakistan Workers and Peasants Party PMKP) is the leading force in Pakistan to organize the liberal and secular forces, which are truly anti-imperialists, and to play the role of vanguard in this regard.


British imperialists had completely captured the subcontinent after the last revolt of 1857. Almost till the end of nineteenth century whole of the industry of subcontinent was deteriorated and smashed by colonial rulers. In Bangal peasants upsurge started in 1783 and continued after short spans of time. In 1871 Namdhari peasants directly fought against imperialist rulers. In 1872-73 peasants of Puna, Agra revolts against imperialist exploitation. In 1875 peasants of Puna and Ahmad Nagar revolt against moneylenders (Sahookars) and burnt their accounts (Khataas) into ashes. From 1836 to 1896 during 60 year they´re several peasant uprisings on the records of history, which were barely against British Empire and its looting and plunder. Only in 1872 one Thousand Moplah peasants were hanged. Sunthali peasants cleaned vast areas of jungle land with hard labor but when the British Rulers inclined to get it allotted to feudals, a revolt occurred in which fifteen to twenty thousands of peasants died. Similarly from 1905 to 1910 in the region of Bar of Punjab peasants prepared vast lands of woods for cultivation but when British rulers tried to allot it to their agents i.e. feudals, peasants revolt against it and here the Punjabi peasants succeeded in their fight.
But actual freedom fight started when in 1911 some Punjabi peasants settled in Canada and Pacific Coast founded a party under the leadership of Hardyal Singh named Ghadar Party (Ghadar Means revolt). They believed in armed struggle for the liberation of their homeland. They sacrificed a lot and fought a heroic fight. It was again organized in 1922 when the Ghadaries got contracts themselves with Second International. In 1925 Ghadar Party founded Keerti Kissan Party (Workers and Peasants Party) which was financially and morally supported by Ghadar Party in Canada. Two objects of the Keerti Kissan Party were to get rid of British imperialism and win freedom to organize peasants and workers. Keerti Kissan Party was the continuation of Ghadar Party and it believed in scientific communism. In Moscow Ratan Singh was the representative of Keerti Kissan Party. Many members of keerti Kissan Party returned to India and started preparing for militant struggle against British rulers. Keerti Kissan Party made Kabul (Afghanistan) the centre of its activities.

Here is necessary to mention two heroes of anti-imperialist struggle in the region. These freedom fighters are Bhagat Singh and Udham Singh. British Colonial rulers hanged great Bhagat Singh in 1931 along with other Comrades. Chandar Shakher Azad was killed in a Police encounter. Udham Singh killed the murderer of hundreds of Indians in Jalianwala Bagh i.e. General Dhaior.

In short before partition all the communist forces get themselves united in Communist Party of India.

After partition a long story of the continuation of services of feudals, military generals and civil bureaucrats as US imperialist agents started. British Colonial Empire was replaced by US imperialist rulers. Communist Party of Pakistan was the only anti-imperialist force in Pakistan which was resisting against the increasing US imperialist influence in Pakistan. So a so called Pindi conspiracy case was lodged against CPP and almost all the leadership of CPP was put behind the bars including Sajjad Zaheer, the then General Secretary of the party, Major Ishaq Muhammad and Faiz Ahmed Faiz (the great progressive poet). Student´s front of the party (Democratic Students Federation) and intellectuals front (Progressive Writers Association) were banned in 1954. Communist Party, after bar on it, continued its struggle and work under the name of Aazad Pakistan Party etc. Finally in 1958 NAP (National Awami Party) was founded in which communists were playing the central role. NAP struggled against military regime and its imperialist designs and consequently overthrew the Ayub regime in 1968. Communists dominated NAP and narrow nationalists were trying to minimize their role and forced to expel the communist members who were working on the fronts of peasants and workers. Consequently a group from NAP named as NAP (Mazdoor Kissan) got separated and in 1970 Major Ishaq Muhammad, Afzal Bungash, Chairman Adam Khan, Lala Ziarat Gul and Sher Ali Bacha founded a new Marxist Leninist Party named as Pakistan Mazdoor Kissan Party (Pakistan Workers and Peasants Party). This party grew tremendously due to its radical political line. The landmark achievement of this party is the Hasht Nagar Peasant movement where the party liberated vast areas of land and in this upsurge of peasantry more than 100 peasants had sacrificed their lives and has killed dozens of feudals (Khawaneen). PMKP also won popularity among industrial workers and soon became custodian of the radical wave of Landhi Industrial Area Karachi, Ravi Rayan and Itehad Chemicals.

In 1977 Marshal Law was imposed and military generals of Pakistan and clergy (Mullahs) started Jehad against democratic government of Afghanistan in which billions of dollars were given to generals and Muhallas. During this dark era of Generals and Mullah communists were badly crushed and military dictators wrote a new chapter of cruelty. They were punished due to their struggle against imperialist interference and domination in the region. This era is the era of great sacrifice on behalf of PMKP and other parties of left. Collapse of socialist block around 1990s disappointed the socialist workers all over the world. In Pakistan many parties and leaders retreated to social democracy and made NGOs. They wrongly argued that it was a substitute for left wing parties and their struggle. During this crisis PMKP continued its struggle and joined hands with Communist Party of Pakistan. Both the parties merged in 1995 and made Communist Mazdoor Kissan Party. This became the only custodian of anti-imperialist struggle in Pakistan and made advances in this regard. On 1st May 2002 sixth national congress of Communist Mazdoor Kissan Party changed its name as Pakistan Mazdoor Kissan Party keeping in view the objective conditions of Pakistan.


In 6th National congress party truly realized the responsibility of organizing the masses against increasing military and political domination of US imperialism in the region. Since that time party is in a state of unprecedented war like struggle against imperialism. Among our struggles is an anti imperialist float march from Kasoor to Swat (Thousands of miles) during which 20 thousands leaflets were delivered, 8 anti imperialist conferences were held, 8 revolutionary street plays were staged and almost in 5 big cities (Lahore, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Peshawar and Murdan) US imperialist flags were burnt. This continued even after float march and a series of protests, rallies and seminars made the party popular among the masses with great heroic heritage of anti-imperialist struggle. The world Anti-imperialist Conference going to be held on 27th and 28th of November 2004 is a great step forward in this regard.

Importance of World Anti-Imperialist Conference of 27-28th of November 2004

Now the world is on the verge of the completion of a neo-colonial occupation by US imperialism to counter revolutionary forces. Thus the so-called war against terrorism is the war of domination of US imperialism. So the revolutionaries of the world are in a state of war against this imperialist colonial occupation. Due to presence of US troops in Afghanistan and Northern border of Pakistan, a status of front line state in again attached with Pakistan. So a conference in Pakistan of all the anti-imperialist forces of the world will play a vital role in anti-imperialist struggle going through out the world.

Pakistan is geographically so located that on its North-Western border Afghanistan and central Asian states are located when there are oil and mineral in which the imperialist oil companies are interested. In west there is Iran where a proxy war with US imperialism is going on. In North People Republic of China is situated which is a potential economic threat of future for US imperialism. India is in the East and according to one version US imperialism wants to enter in Kashmir due to its strategic importance. So an anti-imperialist World Conference in Pakistan will certainly affects the whole region. So the World Anti-Imperialist conference which in going to be held in Pakistan on 27-28th of November 2004 is of great importance for the anti-imperialist struggle in the region. Pakistan Mazdoor Kissan party (Pakistan Workers and Peasants Party PMKP) invites all the anti-imperialist forces in the world to join this conference and hence to join the death of US imperialism.

Long Live Revolution

Syed Azeem
General Secretary
Pakistan Workers and Peasants Party (PMKP)