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Ireland: Seamus Doherty released!

18. November 2004

by Matt Brown, 32 County Sovereignty Movement


The collapse of today´s case in the Belfast High Court, against Seamus Doherty, is the only rational and just outcome for a case that had quite obviously been initiated by shadowy and corrupt state forces in order that an innocent man be placed behind bars.

This is in fact the end of the final phase of an elaborate British …‘dirty tricks´ operation which began with the arrest of two similarly innocent individuals, Mark Carroll and Martin Brogan, in South Down during September
2002 after a supposed booby trap bomb find. This case was also rejected on the same grounds that DNA evidence had been tampered with by the RUC/PSNI, British Army and so-called Independent Forensic Science Laboratory in order to frame them. An individual named Kevin Byrne was also revealed to have been acting as a British state sponsored informer and had been deeply complicit in the attempted stitch-up. Despite the release of Brogan and Carroll, Seamus was left in prison to await an uncertain fate.

The judge´s latest decision was forced because the prosecution had been called upon by the defence to produce the aforementioned Kevin Byrne so that he could be cross examined. Instead of acquiescing they cited the usual reasons of “National Security” and claimed that to produce this paid perjuror would “hinder the detection of future crimes”. This of course is a complete smokescreen. The truth of the matter is that they had no other evidence than more of the same fabrications which created so much embarrassment amongst the higher echelons of the …‘intelligence services´
after the Brogan/Carroll farce.

Finally, the 32 County Sovereignty Movement would like to pass on its congratulations and heartfelt thanks to all those members of the public who supported and organized the protests and other events to highlight Seamus´ plight. It was your dedication that no doubt kept Seamus and his family going throughout this terrible ordeal until he was eventually freed.

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