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India: Revolutionaries Assemble despite Hurdles Created by the Police

2. December 2004

Solidarity Committee in Support of Revolutionary Struggles

Delhi Police Arrests Hundreds of Revolutionary Leaders and Activists

Today, 25th November, 2004 the Delhi police detained a hundreds of activists who had come from various States including Haryana, Punjab, Uttrakhand and UP. The people had come to express solidarity with revolutionary movements going on in various parts of the country like in Andhra, Bihar, Jharkhand and Dandakarnya. The arrested leaders included convener of the solidarity committee Hari Singh Tarq com Raj Kishor from Bihar, com Tara Singh all India convener of Struggling Forum of Peoples Resistance (SFPR), Com. Sukhwinder Kaur and com Shiv Mangal Sidhantkar of the New Proletarian Party.

The organizers of the Solidarity Committee condemned the large scale arrests by the Delhi Police and said that disallowing the rally and public meeting at Lal Quila is a grossly undemocratic act of the Government. More than 400 people were detained and Chawri Bazaar, and about six hundred in front of the Red Fort. They were taken to various police stations in the capital. The leaders speaking from the jail have alleged that the act of the government cannot stop the growing influence of the revolutionary movement. These activists had come to Delhi to celebrate the formation of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) which is the outcome of the merger of Maoist Communist Centre of India and CPI (ML) (People´s War).

For almost ten days dozens of activists had been camping and conducting campaign in Delhi. They carried the day´s message in dozens of corner meetings and street plays celebrating this unity and calling on the people to rise up against injustice, exploitation and repression on nationalities, dalits, and women and peoples movements. These activists too were detained on the morning of 25th November to prevent them from organizing and taking part in the programme.

The Delhi programme was part of a countrywide campaign to highlight the unity of the revolutionary forces in India. Similar programmes are planned to be held in various cities of India including Patna, Kolkata and other places. Hyderabad has already seen an impressive gathering of 30,000 people.

Comrade Varvara Rao, the revolutionary poet, who had come all the way from Hyderabad to address the Public Meeting, too was arrested.

Hari Singh …‘Tarq´


Call the people to Hail, Support and Celebrate the Unity of the Revolutionary Forces

On 25 November, 2004, a public meeting was held in Delhi, near Lal Quila to celebrate the coming together of revolutionary forces which have been conducting a consistent struggle for more than three decades in the rural areas of the country. According to them, revolutionary transformation of society is the dire need of the working and toiling people of this country which has been ruled by the pro-imperialist class forces since 1947.

The situation in the country cries for basic transformation of land relations, an end to the domination and exploitation by the imperialists and their multinational companies, end to the repression on the people of various nationalities which are struggling for their freedom, especially those of the north east and Kashmir, an end to the environment of communal hatred and minority bashing, an end to the caste based discrimination and oppression, an end to the loot and plunder of the highly rich natural resources of crores of tribal people, an end to a situation where women, constituting half of the population lead an undignified and sub-human life due to the patriarchal social structures and attitudes entrenched in thousands of years of male chauvinist ideas, traditions and practices, and above all, an end to the state of affairs where millions upon millions face hunger, starvation, unemployment and a bleak future in spite of their backbreaking daily labour.

The vast multitudes of the peasant masses working in the fields of rural India are the hardest hit. Living in penury for generations due to centuries old feudal and semi-feudal land relations and now being fleeced by the imperialist sharks through the institutions of World Bank, International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organisation, are raising the banner of revolt and revolution saying, …‘enough is enough, now the loot and ransack should end for once and all.´ They refuse to commit suicides and instead raise high the red flag of revolt, sacrifice and victory.

The revolutionary forces are already building a parallel state power of the people in vast areas of jungles and plains of Andhra, Bihar, Jharkhnad, Chhattisgarh, Dandakarnya and North Telengana. The revolutionary struggles are going on in about twelve States of the country. The bugle is already resounding in the air and the reactionary ruling classes of this country are worrying that the revolutionary tide which is building up in the vast tracts might engulf the entire country and spell doom for the inhuman, anti-people and oppressive system which they are sitting on.

The response of the rulers to the revolutionary struggles of the people is naked repression, fake encounter killings, rapes, burning and ransacking of houses of the activists and people in general, and large-scale arrests under various draconian laws. Whether it is the story the mighty and snow capped mountains and hills in Kashmir, or the vast jungles of central India, or the beautiful hills and landscapes of the north eastern States, it is same everywhere. The security forces of these anti-people rulers deal with the people in most hideous ways.

The revolutionary forces are compelled by the State to build their own armed forces which defend the people and are organizing their own institutions of state through revolutionary committees of the people. But there is no comparison between the peoples´ centers of state power and the reactionary state structure of the rulers sitting in Delhi. The difference is great and unbridgeable. It is the embryonic expression of the new things which are to prevail upon the older, dying and stinking ones. A new system of keeping people in the centre in all areas of social activity is shaping up. In a society where the principle of …‘dog eats the dog´ prevails and every activity is centered around profit, self interest and crass individualism, the coming up new system is like a miracle being created by the people themselves.

Come Forward to Build a New, People´s India!

It is important to remind here that these revolutionary forces are a continuation of the armed Naxalbari uprising which was suppressed brutally in 1967. But the revolutionary struggles have persisted and grown in tidal waves spreading to all nooks and corners of the country. The adivasi revolt in Srikakulam, the Birbhum peasant rebellion, the rural upheaval in Debra-Gopi Ballabhpur and the countryside turbulence in Lakhimpur Kheri have happened despite wide spread terror and repression by the state. The hills from Shivalik to Wynadu responded in unison to the Naxalbari call. The setbacks of the seventies only helped in learning from and strengthening the revolutionary movement further in the form of Maoist Communist Centre, active since 1969, and CPI (ML) (Peoples War). Now, on September 21, 2004 these two major revolutionary organizations of India merged to form a new party called the Communist Party of India (Maoist) to transform the entire political scene in the land so as to strengthen and broaden the struggle for revolution.

The speakers, Varvara Rao, Hari Singh Tarq, Raj Kishore, Tara Singh and Sukhwinder Kaur, called to the workers, peasants, students, women, and the oppressed castes and oppressed nationalities to come forward to support and celebrate the unity of the revolutionary forces and to participate in revolutionary struggles and to build new struggle areas throughout India. It is a call to the toiling and suffering humanity to come forward and hail and participate in the struggle to build a people´s democratic revolutionary India where the people would take their destiny in their own hands through the historic and glorious battles for a just, humane and dignified future.

November 25, 2004