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Fallujah, an American gulag

15. December 2004

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According to the International Organization on Migration, at least 210,600 Fallujans – more than 35,000 families – have been turned into refugees. Now the doomed city – reduced to a pile of rubble, but still closed by the Americans, with the resistance controlling at least 60% of it – is about to be turned into a concentration camp.

This Pentagon-sponsored initiative will see Fallujans herded to “citizen processing centers”, subjected to DNA testing and retina scans, and forced to wear badges with their home addresses at all times. Cars will be banned from the city: after all, they are the suicide bombers` weapon of choice. Male Fallujah civilians will be regimented in “military-style battalions” and, depending “on their skills” will “be assigned jobs in construction, waterworks or rubble-clearing platoons” – in other words, chain gangs. Moderate Sunni Arabs in Baghdad are enraged beyond belief: they correctly identify this US-enforced gulag as the “model city” in an ideal neo-conservative Middle East. Now what`s that got to do with elections?