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Who is Abduljabbar Suleiman AlKubaysi?

28. December 2004

by Nada Al-Rubaiee, Iraqi Patriotic Alliance

Abduljabbar Suleiman AlKubaysi born in 1943 in AlKubays district in AlRumady province in Iraq. After finishing his secondary school and joining Ba´ath party (in 1960) AlKubaysi got a scholarship to study oil engineering in the American university in Beirut/ Lebanon. After finishing his study in Lebanon he went back to Iraq and started working in the southern and medium areas in oil-rich provinces.

During that, he was getting higher positions in the Ba´ath party until the party was divided in 1966. AlKubaysi joined the left part of the Ba´ath, which was a reason to arrest him in 1970. In 1976 AlKubaysi left Iraq to Egypt and then to Syria where he took the responsibility of the National Leadership of the Ba´ath party (Iraq section) in Damascus.

During the first golf war (Iraq vs. Iran), AlKubaysi shifted his strategy from militant struggle against the Iraqi government towards supporting the government against the neighboring country Iran [from the moment onwards when Iran was straing to occupy Iraqi territory; the editor). Due to this position towards Iraq, the Syrian government (which was supporting Iran) arrested him and other political figures and put them in jail for more than two years. [With the attack of 1991] is position was developing towards a full support and solidarity with Iraq against the continued US aggression. He started leading the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance (IPA) against the economic sanctions and the Zionistic and imperialistic plans of the US in Iraq. In 1996 he was able to leave Syria and take refuge in France. In November 2002 AlKubasyi was the head of a delegation representing the IPA that have started openly negotiating with the Iraqi government in order to achieve the needed democratic changes in the political system in Iraq. After the occupation of Iraq, AlKubaysi left France and went back to Iraq. During his latest activities in Iraq towards building a united political front of the armed resistance against the occupation, he was arrested without any charges on 3rd of September in Baghdad. The house he had temporarily stayed in was surrounded and stormed by about 50 US occupation soldiers employing helicopters and tanks. Till this moment we know nothing about his situation. Even his family is unable to contact hem. We hold the occupying forces responsible for the health and life of Mr. Al-Kubaysi.