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Against the so called elections in Iraq

8. January 2005

Greek Initiative for Solidarity to Iraqi Resistance

Call for Co-ordination

Against the so called elections
Against the legalization of occupation
Solidarity and support until the final victory of the Iraqi Resistance

The operation “general elections” organized by American and British forces of occupation on Sunday 30 January in Iraq, using their puppet representative Alawi but mainly using barbarous means of extermination as we sow recently in Falutza is another attempt for legalization of the imperialist invasion and occupation of Iraq.

At this critical moment, the anti-war movement in Europe and all over the world, which flooded in millions the planet demonstrating against the invasion must stand overtly beside the Iraqi resistance. All anti-war activists have to condemn the farce of elections, the supposedly democratic experiment imposed with fire and unspeakable tortures on Iraqi people. They have to demand the expulsion of all troops of occupation from Iraq.

In workplaces and youth sites, in towns and cities, we must organize campaigns of solidarity and support of Iraqi Resistance, against the American and British invasion as well as against the proposals for compromise suggesting by European imperialists.

Lets go out in the streets on 28-30 January organizing public meetings and demonstrations in order to promote the unity with the heroic Iraqi people which is in the front-line of the struggle against war and imperialism.

With coordination, massively and actively, to rise the flags of the antiwar, antiimperialist struggle together with the Iraqi people and all peoples in the Middle East and the world who fight imperialism.

Initiative for Solidarity to Iraqi Resistance

Athens 2/1/05