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“We must stand on our own feet building a World Anti-imperialist Forum”

25. January 2005

Interview with Darshan Pal, President of the All Indian People´s Resistance Forum and convenor of Mumbai Resistance 2004

Q: Now is one year ago that Mumbai Resistance (MR) took place as an open anti-imperialist gathering in parallel to the World Social Forum (WSF). What are the results so far?

A: For India MR was really the beginning of a process of a broad united front. Different organizations and forces are joining hands in a way which is unprecedented. So we were able continue the campaign against imperialist globalisation strongly affecting the Indian people. In last October we had a follow-up congress in Calcutta where a co-ordination committee was formed. But we keep the process open and want to reach out to other forces which still remain within the WSF.

Regarding the international level MR helped us to develop strong and important links to anti-imperialist forces in South Asia, Europe, America including Brazil. We keep exchanging views and evaluations and take the first steps for a practical co-ordination. The mutual understanding is growing regarding the farct that globalisation and war are expressions of imperialism. Now we have to take the next step conceiving common actions.

Q: Do you have a message to transmit to the participants of the WSF in Porto Alegre?

A: Yes, the anti-imperialist forces present there both from Brazil and abroad should join hands similar as we did it with MR. It is of special important what right in the birthplace of the WSF an anti-imperialist alternative is being constituted. The WSF still does not and most probably also never will have a clear-cut understanding of globalisation as an capitalist and imperialist one. Thus it is not able to go ahead confronting war and globalisation. The WSF is already about to wither away.

Q: There is the proposal to stop running behind the WSF and instead to organize an independent anti-imperialist forum. Some think that India would be the appropriate place as MR turned out to be a success.

A: It becomes more and more clear that the anti-imperialist forces of the world have to meet, to come together and to join hands. MR showed that this is not just a dream but actually possible.

We need to sharpen our understanding, to develop a global strategy. It must be clear that our final aim is the establishment of a socialist order. To this project we have to give form and organization as we started it with MR. But now it is the time to run on our own feet, to become independent and convene a gathering in another place as the WSF. India could be a possible venue.

Anti-imperialist Camp
London, January 17, 2005 (exactly one year after the inauguration of MR)