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Official of Iraqi puppet regime admits use of WMD against Falluja

3. March 2005

by People`s Struggle Movement, Iraq

A press conference was held by Dr. Khaled Al-Sheikhli, a representative of the Iraqi Ministry of Health, who was assigned to evaluate the health problem in Fallujah following the end of its assault by the American Army. Dr. Al-Sheikhli said that the result of the survey and research presented to the Ministry of Health confirmed that the American occupation forces had used internationally banned weapons like mustard and nerve gases among other kind of weapons during its assault on Fallujah.

In the press conference held on Tuesday, March 1, 2005 at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Al-Sheikhli also mentioned that the final results drawn by the committee conducted that survey showed that the city is still under the influence of chemical substances and other agents that could cause cancer and other serious illnesses on the long term.

In his answer to a question of whether the American Army used nuclear weapon of limited effects, Dr. Al-Sheikhli said, “Whatever I have seen in Fallujah made me believe everything was said about that assault, and I feel that the Americans have used nuclear and chemical weapons, as all kinds of living things were ceased to exist in this city. He added, “We saw tens if not hundreds of dead animals killed by these weapons”.

The conference was attended by a large number of journalists, including journalist from Washington Post and Night Rider.

This report represents the most serious testimony by an Iraqi health official after the cessation of assault on Fallujah.

Upon the information in the above report, one has to ask when Human Rights Watch (HRW) would do something about this massacre and the use of WMD against the Fallujans? or the Iraqi Arabs are second degree human beings to HRW compared to the Iraqi Kurds?

We urge and request each one of you to do something about this crime against humanity, which is added to the other crimes committed by the US and its allies against our people in Iraq. And as you see, and despite the presence of journalists from US media, no one has mentioned this conference and the crimes committed by the occupiers in Iraq.

In solidarity, we remain

The Media Office
The People`s Struggle Movement