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CP of India (Maoist) condemns Indian arms supply to Nepal

29. April 2005

Condemn the UPA government´s plans to supply arms to the reactionary, autocratic Gyanendra´s military regime in Nepal!
Unite to fight the sinister designs of US imperialism and Indian expansionism to attack the revolutionary bases in Nepal!

Communist Party of India (Maoist)

The Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, after his meeting with the autocratic fascist monarch of Nepal, King Gyanendra, on 23rd April in Indonesia, declared that the Indian government would supply arms and other …‘aid´ to his barbaric medieval regime if the “Emergency” is lifted or relaxed. A clear understanding was arrived at in the meeting between these two that the King would turn …‘benevolent´ within a short time and permit some form of democracy in his country.

The entire talk of restoration of democracy in Nepal is the biggest farce of this century. It is only a figleaf behind which the Indian ruling classes, the US and other imperialists wish to carry on their most rapacious plunder and brutal suppression of the Maoists fighting for genuine democracy in Nepal. In fact, until 31 January, 2005 when the Sher Bahadur Deuba government was dismissed and a state of Emergency was declared by King Gyanendra, the expansionist Indian ruling classes had given all types of so-called aid to the feudal autocratic regime. It trained the Nepali army, supplied arms and other military needs, sent its military advisors and the personnel of the notorious Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) to Nepal to assist the decadent crumbling regime in its desperate bid to stall the rising tide of people´s war led by CPN(Maoist) led by comrade Prachanda.

However, the dismissal of the Deuba government and the declaration had caused grave concern in the minds of the democratic-minded people of the entire world, particularly to the people of South Asia and India. The King had usurped all powers in an extra-Constitutional manner, suppressed all opposition to his fascist rule, imposed the worst form of censorship on the media and cut off all communications of the citizens within Nepal as well as with the outside world. The Indian ruling classes had no other alternative but to declare suspension of military aid to the King and exert pressure to …‘restore´ democracy.

Within three months the Indian expansionist rulers have once again come out openly as the saviours of a tottering, autocratic regime that is hated by the entire people of Nepal But for the external support by the imperialists, particularly the US imperialists, and the Indian and Chinese expansionists, the medieval regime of King Gyanendra would have had an ignominous burial by now. Already the CPN(Maoist) and the People´s Liberation Army led by it, have liberated over three-quarters of the country where genuine democracy prevails. The revolutionary people´s government in this vast rural area of Nepal has become a model of self-reliance, cooperative and collective wonders, equitable distribution, genuine democracy to the people, and so on. it is this Red Nepal that stands towering in the midst of the feudal and imperialist stink that sends shivers down the spines of the reactionaries the world over.

The Indian ruling classes have become even more panicky as a revolution erupting in its own backyard is bound to have a significant impact on the situation in India. The ruling classes have begun to propagate day in and day out about a …‘Red Corridor´ or a compact revolutionary zone (CRZ) from the revolutionary bases in Nepal to the guerilla zones of Andhra Pradesh and even upto Kerala. And this fear of the spreading flames of revolution led by the Maoists from Nepal to South India has made the reactionaries sit up and unleash massive attacks in both the countries.

People of Nepal have suffered and are suffering under the most suffocating conditions. The military regime has unleashed an all-round attack on the revolutionary bases in Western Nepal and throughout the country through aerial bombardment, economic blockade, and gory massacres. And these diabolic designs of tyrant Gyanendra had the covert backing of the imperialists, particularly the US imperialists, as well as the Indian ruling classes, notwithstanding their tall talk of multi-party democracy.

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) strongly condemns the plans of the Indian ruling classes to supply arms and other aid to the authoritarian, despotic, tyrannical rule of King Gyanendra who represents an outdated and archaic system of feudal monarchy that is entirely opposed to all democratic institutions and the democratic aspirations of the vast majority of the masses of Nepal.

Fearing an imminent take-over of state power by the CPN(Maoist), which is the only force that is struggling for genuine democracy and the only force that is capable of ending the monarchy and establishing genuine people´s democracy in Nepal, the imperialists led by the US imperialists, have assured the King of all help and cooperation in his bloody suppression campaign. The US imperialists are ever ready to step into Nepal, just as they had done in Iraq and are itching to do in Iran and Syria, so as to destroy the Maoist revolutionary bases and protect the rotting reactionary regime. Multi-party democracy will be used as a pretext for such an intervention. The threat of a Maoist take-over always serves as a reason for the US imperialists to extend their vicious fangs into Nepal whoever is in power.

The unhappiness expressed by the Indian expansionist rulers over the developments in Nepal is only an eye-wash. The Indian ruling classes want the Nepali rulers to suppress the Maoists in the most ruthless manner but they wish to do this through the faà§ade of multi-party parliamentary democracy just as they themselves had been doing in Kashmir and North East by perpetrating the worst massacres under the garb of so-called democracy.

Prevention of a Maoist take-over in Nepal and destroying their revolutionary bases is the common objective of all imperialists as well as Indian expansionists. The Indian ruling classes have been assisting their Nepali counterparts in their bloody suppression campaign of the Maoists along the borders by arresting, extraditing and even killing those who cross into Indian territory or who take treatment in the Indian hospitals These operations had been stepped up after the imposition of the Emergency and Indian security forces had been deployed in large number the Indo-Nepal border to prevent the entry of the Maoist frees into India. Thereby they are helping Gyanendra´s reactionary army to commit the worst massacres of their people.

The CPI(Maoist) extends its complete and unequivocal support to the CPN(Maoist) and the people of Nepal in their fight against the tyranny of the King and for the establishment of a people´s democratic republic of Nepal It warns the Indian ruling classes to stop intervening in Nepal and stop assisting the Nepalese ruling classes in suppressing their campaign against the Maoists. It also demands that the Indian security forces should put an end to the arrests and harassment of the Nepalis crossing the border in the wake of the gory massacres by Gyanendra´s fascist regime.

The CC, CPI(Maoist) calls upon the Party cadre, PLGA fighters, and the revolutionary, democratic masses of India to organize raffles and demonstrations top the attempts of the Indian ruling classes to assist the fascist King Gyanendra´s regime, demand that it stop its meddling and intervention in the internal affairs of Nepal in any manner. It condemns the fascist measures in Nepal, demands the immediate lifting of the Emergency and an end to the suppression campaign against the Maoists and other democratic forces in Nepal. It also calls upon the PLGA fighters and the Indian people to resist by all means the “search and destroy” operations of the Indian security forces along the border with Nepal.

General Secretary,
CC(P), CPI(Maoist)