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Communist movement still alive in Afghanistan

13. May 2005

Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)

On Occasion of May First
Workers International Day

After respect to the valuable blood of Chicago workers, we would like to celebrate first May not by chanting emotional slogans, but would like to point at five important points for the awareness of Afghanistan workers. Because in this tertiary lack of political- class culture not only workers but most of Left intellectuals as well have vagueness regarding the tasks of working class, Marxist literatures, workers international solidarity, socialist scientific theory and ……

1- Tasks of Proletariats

Before explaining working class historical and revolutionary tasks, it is most worth of mentioning that: in the opinion of numbers of left intellectuals, “there is no originally working class in Afghanistan, because the fabrics and factories have been destroyed. Thus there is no justification for a working and socialist revolution to be propounded. These tasks should be postponed to future”. But the concept of these intellectuals does not arise from a Marxist analyses, it arises from a non Marxist conception regarding the real relationships between capital and labor wage.

To bear in mind that, firstly the specific numbers of fabrics and factories have been not destroyed hundred percent, but still numbers of workers have been working in actively or inactively. Secondly, the concept of this spectrum of left from the relationship between capital and labor is a vulgar and traditional concept among the left intellectuals of Afghanistan. From the view points of them, the workers are just people who only sell their labor force in fabrics. Of course the relationship between labor and capital in the area of industry demonstrates modern and systematic relations, where the sale of labor force and the accumulation of capital is absolutely considerable and the workers bearing a particular discipline. But we have to emphasize on this point that the relationship between labor and capital in fabrics and factory is not the only relations in capitalism, these relations can be established in farms, construction fields, loading and transportations, mines, construction of roads, markets, educational centers, brick kilns and other work places. therefore, in Afghanistan logically the working class not only as seasonal and permanent workers exist but, increased several times compare to the time of 25 years war. So they are just a number of intellectuals who based on their lack of research, low theory knowledge, are unable to understand the above facts and reality. In Afghanistan capitalism swept all the obstacles, standing on a local economic system collapsed. Therefore the feudal system is no longer writing the fate of history of our country but the relationship between the labor and capital make the history of Afghanistan.

The working class is not just a huge mass under oppression of capitalism that the intellectuals based on tasks or humanitarian senses draw them to revolutions. The working class counter to their predecessors- from the point of oppression- slaves, peasants and workers of first light industries, is a modern revolutionary huge mass, if got awareness and being organized as a class for itself, will break the political power of capitalism, annihilate the labor and capital relations, terminate private ownership and inevitably collapse and decaying of all inhuman relations arisen from class social systems. So this is certainly the task of communists and revolutionary socialists to try to make aware and organize the working class, and seek out revolution and creating a humanitarian society in the body of this class not themselves or any other class. We understand in Afghanistan that the left intellectual based on past epidemic deviation fell into the habit of bourgeoisie believes such as nationalism, popularism, making fronts, democracy ism…… Thus they believe that propounding revolution on scientific socialism theory is a strange and impossible alternative.

2-Marxist literatures

A considerable number of left intellectuals of Afghanistan believe that in struggle against ruling classes must not be used Marxist concepts and literatures such as: communism, socialism, class, capital, surplus, and sale of labor force, abolition of classes and collapse of states. And must not be mentioned the names of Marx, Engles, Lenin …… in the written or speeches. They argue that the Afghanistan is a backward and traditional society where the Khalq-Parcham(People Democratic Party of Afghanistan) parties were defeated and Shula (Maoists organizations) because of extremism and radical policies led to collapse. Hence it is necessary to create non Marxist literatures

Without doubt within 25 years war, either the left intellectuals or mad religious intellectuals as result of their deviated and reactionary theory- practice from two contradiction ways, touch each other on one point, the defeat. The first group as mentioned in above counts its one of defeat causes in extra left practice and the second group count it in mad religious performance. Hence, the first group is determined to be reactionary and opportunist theoretically and practically more than before that the left stamp wipe off from its face. But on the contrary the second group attempts theoretically and practically change its ignorance and religious fascism with “modernism” and democracy.

The deviated left do not understand that the literatures of Marxism are not the creation of a philosopher or product of words creator. But these literatures reflect labor and capital relationship, objective practice of aware working class struggle against decayed capitalism. So it is impossible to challenge capitalism with other literatures such as bourgeoisie- religious, Afghani and democrat loving, Ayaran and Mulai concepts, except Marxist literatures. Yes the scholars can make theories from their silence, disappointment, fear and Ayari and worship of superstitions as reactionary principles and lie behinds them or committed suicide. But, the scientific socialism theory insistently demands revolutionaries that except by clear class literatures can not achieve our objectives with other literatures.

3-Workers international Solidarity

Constant work for the sake of proletariat internationalism is the task prior to any other national task. We must not forget it or have doubt about it. But without pause we have to add that the workers attentive and systematic work in national level is the same task that is fulfilled for the glob country.

But why the communists assume such great tasks for themselves to implement? The answer is simple: the world is divided between capitalist groups; it means the courtiers on the world belong to capitalists not to workers. So all of them have to perform their duties naturally as monitoring, controlling, investigation, expanding and defending capitalist system as a globalized country. So on the contrary, it is the task of communists to take steps and do action as same. Otherwise, any alternative, line and short minded bourgeoisie strategy like patriotism and vulgar popularism can not have any other concept except serving to native capitalism and remains of feudalism.

4-Socialist Theory

In Afghanistan as the nation sinks in superstitions socio- politically, the left and working intellectuals as well according to demand of new era concerning political – class awareness take position in the spectrum of nation. But the bourgeoisie left try to hide this awareness poverty, not the communists. The theoretical backwardness of the left of Afghanistan was clear from the beginning- which is natural- but during 25 years fighting between two capitalism (USA and Soviet Unions) and conversion of lefts to Islamism, poverty of theory and worship of superstitions converted to proud principles and its bearers gained honor of “practical men”. On the contrary, those who understood the importance of theory and spent some of their time for studies, insulted as “worms of book”. Based on such bad deviation, the left leaders of this country were not able to attitude with socialism as science and consequently make themselves and members minds free from chain of middle ages believes and bourgeoisie theories.

Hence considering the mentioned painful situation, we in our all potential first assume it our own task, then for other lefts specially for youths if they are honest and are not amateur and are determined to perform as Marxists recommend that by studying classic and updated books about scientific socialism, political economics, philosophy and revolutionary art and literatures, re educate themselves from view point of awareness and knowledge. Otherwise according to Mao´ have no right to speak or discredit Marxism.

5-Future of the World

Based on some historical causes communism apparently retreated but the capitalists drum it as its final defeat. However, it is truth that the contradiction between labor and capital is still fundamental contradiction of world and leading cause of the history of earth. Capitalism with its all development and advancement in the field of science and technology is unable to present anything else except defending its decaying existence and oppression on billions human beings, poverty, unemployment, inequality, racism, violence, war, migration, atomic threat, environment pollution…….

Nowadays millions of human beings for their lives have nothing except selling their labor force. Millions of people have been suffering from homelessness, no access to heath care, literacy, cloths, drinking water, food, safety and employment. Expanding usage and trafficking narcotic, aids, prostitution, women, girls and children smuggling, terrorism, censorship, bloody war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine…… all of them are creatures of the capitalist system. The nature of theory of development of capital and free market have no means but development of oppression, crimes and plundering of capitalism in the very remote area of the world.
So communism as most powerful, sharp and logic alternative stand against capitalism.

Long live the flag of workers international solidarity!
Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)
01 May 2005