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Peasant, workers´ and student revolt in Afghanistan against US occupation

15. May 2005

Letter from Jalalabad communists

Death with US Government

Since last week the political – security situation of Afghanistan goes towards disturbance, insecure which challenge the existence of specially US invader forces inside the country.

Apparently the angry demo rise following the report of Newsweek magazine on 9 May which reports interrogatory of American authorities in Guantanamo against Koran in front of detainees where have been held about 520 inmates. But it is not the full story.

It is clear that any riot and mass movement arise from series causes and ground, not as some thing incidental. Of course this is the nature of all dictator rulers to hide true and real roots and reasons of such anti rulers´ movements in the history.

So the recent uprising of peasants, worker and wage labors, University and School students, teachers and other lower classes of society as well appear as the result of violence, oppression, invasion and violation of human rights. Despite huge propaganda of US government, imperialist media and its puppet regime in Afghanistan in order to adulterate the real causes for the last anti US and allies invasion protests in Afghanistan, the flames of resistance potential against occupiers, frightened and put in trouble the US government and Karzai regime and proved that the people of Afghanistan will never tolerate imperialists to enjoy their interests through the victimizing of our people.

The Occupiers who legitimize their existence from Bonn treaty aftermath September 11 events in 2001for the excuse of campaign against “terrorism” committed such inhuman and heinous crimes as happening in Iraq, as never carried out by Soviet Union in 1979-1989 in
Afghanistan: wild air attacks and bombardments, killing civilians, inspection of civilian homes day and night, insult of people and suppress of human dignity of civilians, violated attitude with prisoners and killing tens of them under torture during investigation, willfully detention, imposing sided policies that do not even match the law of local governments and custom and values of local community.

On the other hand the Karzai administration during last three years failed to stand for its promises. More than 80% people lives depend on agriculture, but in spite of thousands millions dollars donation to Afghanistan, the irrigation system is still completely ruined and peasants have been facing acute agricultural problems and no body attempt to assist them to improve their live standard. But while the peasants cultivate poppy for its increased income, the imperialists who indirectly are involved in the trafficking and processing the narcotic business to make maximum profits to feed the war machine, spraying poison by helicopters which not only ruin the poor peasants cultivation, but also surely affect human lives and whole living environment.

Since the last three years the peasants complain to government and hold demonstrations to demand their rights and proper substitution, but the answer of US backed government was bullet and shooting of peasants. Insecurity, abduction of children, thefts, bureaucracy, corruption, bribery, crimes, bomb blasts, armed fighting, homelessness, unemployment…… are the gifts of “democracy implementation” US model government in Afghanistan!

The recent demonstration across the country where accompanied by tens thousands of people chanting slogans against the occupiers especially US. The demonstrators call for stopping bloody and inhuman attacks and attitude and opposing creating strategic or long term military basses inside Afghanistan. Indeed the recent demonstrations were a slap on the face of Karzai administration that called a symbolic grand assembly to pave the way for the existence of
imperialist forces in our country.

Despite of ridiculous claims of Karzai regime and his Masters, these were not the only demonstrations that dismissed by shooting and killing by police, but also tens of demonstrations since coming on power the US backed regime in Kabul, responded with sever beatings, killing, injuring, detaining and imprisoning of peasants, students and any other opposition.

In a word, the people of Afghanistan consider the imperialist forces as occupiers, not as angels of peace or prosperity. They consider the ruling authority not in the service of its own people, but a means in the service of US imperialism.

Thus, we express our solidarity with the demonstrators and especially who have been killed by local police and US and ISAF. Although the government labeled the demonstrators as the influence of Alqaida or Taliban, but this is unfair. According to the witnesses it was the police and local administration that caused violence. That the police themselves burnt some places to justify their brutal suppression, to justify the responsibility of killing around thirty people and injury of hundreds of them.

We asked all progressive, democratic, anti imperialist and humanitarian parties, unions, organizations and individuals around the world to express their solidarity with our people and ask US and Karzai governments to stop the brutal operations, attacks and free all the detainee demonstrators.

– Death with occupiers!
– Long live anti imperialist movements!

Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)
13 May 2005. Jalalabad Afghanistan