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French people inflict heavy blow on EU oligarchy

31. May 2005

Ultra-liberalist constitution spoiled

It were the workers and the lower classes in general who voted en masse against the constitution drafted by the capitalist oligarchy containing in substance the canonisation of ultra-liberalism and the militarization on the side of the US Empire. The French referendum produced a class polarisation not seen for decades.

The oligarchy is upset and bewildered. Playing democracy bears the risk to loose. Therefore in most other countries the elites did already ratify their pact refusing any popular scrutiny on it. They claim that the project of the constitution – which is nothing less than the end of the at least formal reference to the sovereignty of the people and the legalization of the oligarchy – will be carried on regardless of the French vote. They even dream of a second referendum turning things upside down.

Therefore the popular masses of Europe must take the French example and intensify the struggle against the constitution asking on their turn for popular referenda. Thus the bourgeoisie´s plan of Americanisation of Europe can be defeated which in the last instance must go as far as to smash the entire European Union.

In France herself the main danger emanates from the current of the Social Democracy led by Laurant Fabius who supported the NO in order to gain back the lost popular support. Now his tendency will try to redirect the popular forces back into the bi-polar oligarchic political system. In order to avoid this it would be best to keep the NO committees alive and transform them in a kind of popular liberation front against ultra-liberalism, imperialist war and Americanisation that is incarnated and organic to the EU. On the long run, however, without a political front outside the bi-polar set-up this will be impossible.

Lets follow the French example and build a popular movement against the EU constitution!*
Down with the anti-democratic oligarchic capitalist EU!

Anti-imperialist Camp
May 31, 2005

* The Anti-imperialist Camp is engaged in an Europe-wide initiative proposed by the Basque Batasuna to create a front against the EU by spearheading the campaign against the constitution. For further information see: