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International Conference in Support of the Iraqi Resistance

12. June 2005

Report of the preparatory meeting in Florence, June 4

The assembly of delegates from about a dozen countries discussed both the general political context (the political and military situation in Iraq, the movement against the war) as well as the profile of the conference.

The continuation of the Resistance after the election farce of 30 January, the failure of the projects of stabilisation by the US, the large consensus of the different forces opposing the occupation – all this confirms the centrality of the struggle of the Iraqi people and the necessity to enlarge its support throughout the world.

Important sectors of the movement against the war eventually recognise the legitimacy of the Resistance while those aware of the historic importance of the struggle lend their full and open support. However, the solidarity movement is still insufficient.

The conference of October should provide momentum to the movement, should serve to push it forward and co-ordinate the activities in support of the Iraqi Resistance on an international scale – starting from Europe.

The participation of representatives of all the major components of the forces opposing the occupation and shaping the Resistance will not only help to deepen the understanding of the current situation but could also provide a platform contributing to the unification in a political front of the forces fighting for the liberation of Iraq.

Therefore the debate will have four sections:

1st session: American Empire and the Greater Middle East
2nd session: The legitimacy of the Iraq Resistance and historic precedents
3rd session: Voices from inside – the Resistance continues
4th session: From the anti-war movement towards the support of the Iraqi Resistance

Furthermore the meeting decided to take appropriate measures to enlarge the endorsement of the conference.

Support and recognition of the Iraqi Resistance!

Release all the political prisoners, withdrawal of the foreign troops, reparations for the sanctions and the looting!

Lets fight against the hegemony of the US and Israel in the entire Middle East and for the victory to the Iraqi Resistance and the Palestinian Intifada!

Bring the voice of resistance into the anti-war and anti-globalisation movement!

Florence, June 4, 2005