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Massacre of 17 members of the Maoist Communist Party Turkey

24. June 2005

Protest demonstration in Duisburg, Germany

Unitary call

On June 16 the Turkish army attacked in Ovak/Dersim the Maoist Communist Party (MKP) of Turkey/North Kurdistan employing heavy weaponry including fighter aircraft and helicopter gunships. Thus 17 cadres of the MKP were murdered in cold blood.

This is only one further element of entire chain of attacks by the army against opposition forces which are revolting against the anti-democratic, oppressive and militarist policy of the government.

Contrary to the claims of the Turkish regime as well as the major German parties and institutions there is no democratisation whatsoever. Torture is still daily agenda in the Turkish prisons, people disappear from the streets in the light of day or get assassinated by paramilitary groups.

We will remember the murdered leftist militants and call upon all democratic forces to step up the pressure against the Turkish regime. The legitimate demands of the opposition in Turkey and Kurdistan need our solidarity.

End the massacre in Turkey and Kurdistan!
No military and financial support to the Turkish regime!
No EU membership for the Turkish torture state
Long live international solidarity!

Saturday, 25 June, 11 am
August-Bebel Platz

Saturday, 25 June, 5 pm
Orkide Salon, Thyssenstr.93,