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Afghanistan: US Revenge on Civilians

13. July 2005

Left Radicals of Afghanistan (LRA)

Following aggravation armed attacks against US and coalition forces especially in East, North and East North of Afghanistan that imposed high blows and damages to occupation forces and local government. But the last week successive attacks waves by opponents, forced US occupiers to expedite their military brutal well equipped military air operations against opposition including civilians. When a military team of US disappeared and a helicopter fell down by opponents in Konar in end of June and begging of July, suddenly a mad vengeance heavy operation started in Konar province. The US fascist authority firs stroke suspicious villages by air attacks, where were no any militant among the dead except civilians, then while the civilians began to collect dead bodies and assist injures, again the dreadful helicopters reach area and targeted the same villages and civilian to quench their fascist bloody desire by killing more than thirty children, women, men and injuring tens of them and complete destruction of several villages including Chichal at the beginning of July.

The US and local government confirmed the civilians killing, but declared it due to misinformation!

The Chichal case in Konar province is not the only one civilian genocide by US military but also there were tens of such heinous events in different other provinces of Afghanistan since last three years occupation.

Konar province has a long brave history against occupiers. The first resistance against ex Soviet Union and their Puppet regime began from Konar in 1979.

Left Radicals of Afghanistan (LRA) strongly denounces the civilians´ brutal killing and bombardment of villages in Konar by US. We believe launching such brutal operation that harm civilians is obvious violating of International law and repressing any other human principles.

We believe resorting such activities cannot help the US and allies to achieve their dirty goals but will get the hate of Afghan People and international community and finally pave the way for more country wide opposition, resistance and cause to dig a grave for occupiers.

-Put to trial the killers of civilians!
-Death with occupiers!
-Immediate end to occupation!

06 July 2005, Afghanistan