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Germany hinders leagl defence of Slobodan Milosevic

20. July 2005

by Vladimir Krsljanin

Attack on the defense of President Milosevic in Germany

President Slobodan Milosevic and his witnesses by power of truth day by day dismount the false accusations against the Serbian people and the failed project of the destroyers of Yugoslavia, called the Hague tribunal. The power of truth is mobilizing impoverished and suffering people of Serbia to make an end of the rule of lie in Serbia.

Every new desperate attempt to save what cannot be saved (“Scorpions video”, allegations against the leader of the Serbian Radical Party, servants` moves of Belgrade officials) just produce the counter effect and return like boomerang against those who make such attempts. Best they can achieve with such attempts is shame. Neither Serbia nor the World is ready anymore to stand the dictatorship of lie.

This doesn`t mean that there wouldn`t be new harmful and dangerous attempts. The latest one, targeting ICDSM and President Milosevic`s defense, took place yesterday in Germany. The tax police broke into private apartment of Peter Betscher, treasurer of the German section of ICDSM (the most effective segment of ICDSM in fundraising), took his computer and papers and froze the bank account. Below is the story about this event, based on information from our German friends and the article on the issue that appeared this morning in Junge Welt. Most of the donations collected by the German committee were used to cover imminent expenses of the assisting members of the President Milosevic`s co-workers` team at The Hague. Their normal operation is now at stake. I call upon for your increased solidarity in this situation – and strengthened fundraising (there are working accounts e.g. in Switzerland and Italy). We will keep you updated about the present outrage.

Belgrade, 20 July 2005
Vladimir Krsljanin
Foreign Relations Assistant to President Milosevic


This Tuesday, the German section of the ICDSM was attacked for the second time. This time, the tax police entered the apartment of Peter Betscher in his absence. Betscher, who is the person responsible to administer donations for the defense work at The Hague, was informed by phone on his working place. When he arrived, the police already took out his PC and several documents. After he insisted that police should wait for his lawyer, the police told him that he has no right to say anything and that they are in control. In a written document that gave the police the permission to enter the flat, the purpose of the operation was outlined as: to investigate the use of the money and to find out the names of the donors!

Asked for the basis of the investigation, a police officer responded that it was based on “an EU regulation”. Mr. Betscher was also informed that the donations bank account was frozen.

Roughly one and a half years ago, the donations account as well as the personal account of a member of the German section of the ICDSM were frozen on basis of “an EU regulation”: the EU sanctions against President Milosevic, his family and closest associates. At that time, the judge decided in favour of the ICDSM: it is the basic right of any accused to have a defense. When Mr. Betscher mentioned that court decision, the police said they acted on order.