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“End occupation, release prisoners”

5. August 2005

Afghan communists speak out

End to Occupation is our demand!
Release Anti Occupation Detainees!

On 14-17 July 2005 the “Brigand´s Festival” of the Anti-imperialist took place in Piombino in Italy which hosted also a meeting of the Italian Free Iraqi Committees. Amongst the international delegation, there was a representative of the Left Radicals of Afghanistan (LRA) who had a speech about the on going anti occupation resistance in Afghanistan and the remarkable achievements of the opposition. He explained that how the US-Coalition project in Afghanistan confronted with big challenges and since the last three years the occupiers failed completely in this territory. The brutal military operations, killing of civilians, arresting and imprisoning the opposition have been not bow down the determination of a poor nation which defends its independence, freedom and national interests. The constant failures during three years made the US and Karzai administrations disappointed. The people of Afghanistan do not observe the occupiers as angels of peace and prosperity who imposed them more insecurity, poverty, unemployment, homelessness, beggary and crimes. So the people of Afghanistan feel themselves in a country which has been occupied by imperialists for their political-economic strategic interests. The people believe Karzai and his government is a puppet which cannot represent from them. Most of the authorities of his government are criminals who are now involved in narcotic business and its trafficking.

Therefore, the people of Afghanistan are demanding the following basic points:

1- Immediate stop to military operations against civilians and home searching by US troops.

2- Immediate withdrawal of US and coalition troops and their intelligent services from Afghanistan.

3- Immediate release of all prisoners from Guantanamo and all US military bases in Afghanistan including Bagram dreadful jail. Hereby we specially stand for the immediate release of recent detainees of May 2005 anti US protests particularly in Jalalabad. The detainees in Bagram have been facing to death sentence if the authority being assured of their involvement and organizing the anti US protests.

4- We call on the peoples of the world and specially the peace loving people of USA and Italy to force their governments to return their troops from Afghanistan and not let their sons being sacrificed for the profit of handful exploiters.

5- We call on all anti imperialist and progressive forces and trade unions around the world to give shoulder politically and financially to our campaign for the release of recent detainees in Jalalabad and supporting their needy families.

6- We believe anti imperialist resistance cannot win without international support. Defeat of US imperialism in Afghanistan and Iraq will be the final defeat of imperialism to dominate over the world.

Left Radicals of Afghanistan (LRA)
18 July 2005. Piombino- Italy