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Unite Against the Empire and Capitalist Aggression!

9. August 2005

Solidarity to Anti-imperialist Camp from Özgür-Der (Turkey)

George Bush, one of the prominent leaders of actual global imperialist assault of our time has said once that, the world is divided into two clear camps on the so called “war on terror”. He said at the one side there is “axis of evil” and on the other side there is “axis of good”.

We very well know that there is two camps on this contemporary imperialist aggression. But these camps are not axis of evil and good. Today on the one side we see the capitalist aggression and imperialist oppressors of the world united. They brutally occupy, make massacres, kill innocent people with banned guns. On the other side there are oppressed people of the world.

For more than five years people who are against this oppressive system are making global protests and building global anti-imperialist unities against this so called “war terror” all over the world. Today it is very clear that socialists, Muslims, anti-Zionist Jews, anti-imperialists of the world are on the one side against this global plot named “war on terror”. They are not fighting with terror, but they are fighting with the resistance capability of the world people against their neo-liberal capitalist oppression order. They are trying to terrorize the Muslim minorities and trying to destroy the heroic resistance of Iraqi people, Palestinian people, Afghan people against the biggest military power of history.

For a long time imperialist aggression is trying to divide the resistance camp. One the one hand they are trying to terrorize anti-imperialist Muslims and they fasten a wide scale racist discrimination campaign against Muslim and Asian minorities of Europe. On the other hand they try to dissolve the unity of world people and they widen the pressure on anti-imperialist camps. The last assault to anti-imperialist camp of Italy is a similar attack.

We as Muslim opponents and anti-imperialists of Turkey, again repeat and stress on that imperialist order will be down and the world resistance will win. We repeat our decisiveness on claiming to the anti-imperialist camp despite intimidation assaults.

We deeply condemn the strict control and pressure on the anti-imperialist camp of Italy. Our side is the side of oppressed people of the world.

Long live anti-imperialist camp!
Long live global intifadah!
Long live Iraqi resistance!

9, August 2005
Özgür-Der – Turkey
(Freedom for Thoughts and Educational Rights Association)
Fevzipasa Cad. Kinalizade Sok.
No:13/1 Fatih / Istanbul
Tel: 0 212 635 43 75 – 76
Pbx: 0 212 635 43 77