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Solidarity action for the Campo antimperialista

15. August 2005

Istanbul, 15 August 2005

Istanbul. Today on the 15th August the …‘No to the Occupation in Iraq Coordination´ made a solidarity action in front of the Italian embassy for the Anti-imperialist Camp. The coordination decided to show their solidarity to the Campo antimperialista that has been under the previous attacks by the US and Italian government. Both imperialist states claim that the Anti-imperialist Camp is a “international supporter of terrorism” and that they finance the activities of the international terror networks.

The protest action started at 11:30 in front of the Italian embassy. Placards written in Turkish and Italian language saying “murder US get out of the Middle East”, “Anti-imperialist Camp is not alone”, “Support not the occupation but the resistance” etc. also a banner saying “the anti-terror laws cannot stop the struggle of the people”.

The statement was made by Emriye Demirkır. Demirkir especially mentioned the increasing imperialist agression led by US imperialism and that the attack towards the Anti-imperialist Camp is an attack against the movements supporting the resistance in Iraq and that make a clear stand point against the invasion.

During the action slogans like “Long live international solidarity”, “Anti-imperialist camp is not alone”! “murder US get out of the middle east” etc were chanted. There were about 50 people participated in that protest action.

Pictures of the rally