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“Show your sources”

14. September 2005

Open letter to Congresswoman Kelly, spearhead against Anti-imperialist Camp

September 12, 2005

Congresswoman Sue Kelly
2182 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Congresswoman Kelly,

According to a recent news release from an organization in Italy, you claim that a poster of a U.S. soldier being shot in front of an Iraqi flag is an official part of Campo AntiImperiliasta´s fundraising efforts. I quote:

“To top it all off, on August 2, the “10 Euros” campaign became the subject of two House subcommittees dealing with terrorism and finances when Rep. Sue Kelly, in a McCarthy-type ploy held up a poster depicting a U.S. soldier being shot in front of an Iraqi flag. She claimed the poster was part of the Camp`s fundraising efforts. This poster simply does not exist and ostensibly has been produced for the use of the demonisation campaign”

I´m sure by now you are aware that on or about 3 Sep 05, the Italian Court system found Emanuele Fanesi not guilty. This fact provides to the Italian and Middle East press credence to CAI´s claim of innocence in the “10 Euro” matter and further enhances their claim regarding your use of the poster. In the eyes of European and Middle Eastern readers, it would appear there is a substantial basis for CAI´s denial of your claim. Add to that the present European and U.S. view of George Bush and you have provided good reason to support CAI and Resistance. Consequently, you understand how critically important the credibility of your claim is at this time. Please email ( to me documents covering:

1) The source of your claim that the poster is a part of the Camp´s fundraising efforts and

2) Your independent (non-governmental source) documentation of your claim.

We anxiously await the receipt of these documents at your earliest convenience.

Robert Linderholm
R2 B79
Cambridge NE 69022 USA
Ph 308 697 4793

C Dr. Khalid Batarfi, Arab News
C Walid Al-Saqaf, Editor, Yemen Times
C Rep Tom Osborne, 3rd Dist. NE