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German vote against American Empire

23. September 2005

The recent German scrutiny is far from revolutionary. Neither is it anti-imperialist. Nevertheless the European oligarchy is expressing its concern – and they are right in doing so. They had campaigned for the victory for the open pro-US and ultra-liberalist forces represented by CDU and FDP. Their success was regarded as given. But actually they are the real losers as they are unable to build a government on their own.

The majority of the German middle and lower classes refuse the Anglo-Saxon model which they correctly link to infinite war mongering and dismantling of their social gains.

This is first of all being expressed in the emergence of the coalition of the Linkspartei led by the former Social Democrat leader Oskar Lafontaine with 8.7%. Based on the massive support in the former GDR it could also rally significant support in crisis-ridden regions of the West like the Saarland, on the Ruhr and in Bremen.

It is clear that the new formation in the final run longs for re-integration into the capitalist regime. But with its consistent reformism and opposition to the US war plans including German complicity the regime parties have refused any co-operation at least for the time being. The Linkspartei might give impetus to anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist tendencies without wanting it. The leadership, however, which has already a record of sell-outs like the participation in liberalist Eastern German Länder governments, tries to curb antagonist forces.

The Red-Green government of Schröder has been implementing the liberalist recipes. However, in the electoral campaign, responding to the popular sentiments and especially to the challenge of the Linkspartei, Schröder had to employ an excessive deal of social populism promising the exact contrary of what he as being doing. Actually the fact that these lies paid and not the openly announced attacks of the CDU´s Merkel on the living standard of the masses evidences the anti-liberalist – though still passive and politically impotent – mindset of the majority.

The oligarchy´s press is complaining about the continuing instability of Germany. And actually whatever government will come out it lack the clear mandate for their liberalist agenda.

And there is another positive aspect: It is the merit of Lafontaine to have curbed the neo-fascist danger by offering an alternative. Also in its stronghold Saxony the NPD lost about half of its votes. Neo-fascism is a reaction by parts of the poor against excessive liberalism and Americanism. The policy of the four oligarchic parties (SPD, CDU, Greens, FDP), while claiming o be anti-fascist, is the real greenhouse of fascism.

The electoral result is favourable to the rebirth of antagonist forces which has been virtually extinguished. The forces affiliated with the Anti-imperialist Camp will support the moves of the Linkspartei wherever they are directed against the oligarchy like for example in their demand to withdraw the German troops from Afghanistan. We will push them to transform words in deeds, in real struggles.

But the Linkspartei has only made one step out of the pi-polar regime. With one foot it remains inside with significant collaborationist tendencies. Already by now some MPs originating from the union DGB have announced to support an SPD-led governmental coalition.

The Anti-imperialist Camp will maintain its full independence in building an antagonist pole against both sides of the regime hoping that the turmoil and the breaks evoked by the Linkspartei will liberate and feed anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist tendencies.

Anti-imperialist Camp
September 23, 2005