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Down with the colonial Constitution is the task of all Iraqis

3. October 2005

By the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance

Undermining the colonial Constitution is the task of all Iraqis

Finally, the colonial intentions of the occupying power in collaboration with the sectarian forces that entered Iraq on American tanks reveal their collusive nature. Their collaboration is crowned by the so-called Constitution of the New Iraq .The Constitution prepares the split-up of Iraq´s historical co-existence in one state and replaces it with sectarian federalism, which contains all the forces of division, explosion, tearing apart and killing. The essence of the so-called federalist state is the destruction of the historical co-existence of all Iraqis of which they have been proud through their entire historical development.

The colonial Constitution, which reveals the open collaboration between the Mullahs in Teheran and the occupying power, with collusive attempts to enforce it upon the Iraqi people, is a product of their criminal war against Iraq. Federalism, therefore, is the final attempt in achieving their goals after their military failure and inability to quash the will of the Iraqi resistance.

Two and a half years of collective punishment, systematic bombing of Iraqi cities, killing hundred of thousands of Iraqi civilians and intentional sabotages against the infrastructure in Iraq demonstrate not only the inability of the occupier in achieving his goals, but also the failure to defend his initiative pretexts of the war and its continuity.

The persistence of the heroic Iraqi resistance has defeated the dreams and opportunities of the occupier and his sectarian collaborators of carving up Iraq. Therefore, their only remaining weapon is the Constitution. It is the last bullet in the gun of the occupier.

All patriotic Iraqis! The unity of Iraq and its nationalist essence are still dangerously threatened. As long as the political mafias, the occupier and his lackeys persist in passing this Colonial Constitution with superficial amendments.

Down with the Constitution of the occupier and sectarian collaborators!
Let the day of voting on the Constitution be the day of national mourning
Baghdad, 24th August, 2005