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Italy: Parliamentary inquiry over the negation of visa to the Iraqi citizen Haj Ali

11. October 2005

Free movement and free political confrontation in Italia only possible if agreed by US

Initiative of a group of senators of the “Union”:
Malabarba – PRC (Party of Communist Refoundation); Pagliarulo – PdCI (Party of Italian Communists), De Zulueta – Verdi (Greens); Iovene – DS (Left Democrats), Falomi – Il Cantiere (former members of the “Olivetree” led by Occhetto); Boco – Verdi; Ripamonti – Verdi; Cortiana – Verdi; T. Sodano – PRC; Martone – PRC.

Text of the urgent interrogation to the Foreign Minister

Given that:

at the beginning of August the Foreign Minister decided to refuse visa to some exponents of the Iraqi opposition among them Jawad al Khalesi, Ahmed al Baghdadi and Ibrahim al Kubaysi, justifying it by public security concerns based on information produced by the Italian intelligence services;

in the preceding days strong pressure was exerted on the Italian government by sections of the political class of the US by means of an appeal signed by 44 congressmen. They demanded to refuse the entry of Iraqi exponents as they would be supporters of terrorism. This despite the fact that the foreign ministry always dismissed claims that its decision was influenced by foreign interference […];

recently the Foreign Minister negated again the visa for Mr Haj Ali, Iraqi citizen and symbol of the prisoners of Abu Ghraib tortured by US servicemen, invited to Italy by the “Free Iraq Committees” to testify his dramatic experience;

the motive for this latest refusal is allegedly of bureaucratic origin (see the daily “Il Manifesto” of Oct 1, 2005, page 6). According to this explanation Mr Haj Ali should have applied in the country of residency, which is Iraq, and not in Amman, capital of Jordan;

there can be not doubt that the reasons for the refusal of visas to all that Iraqi personalities invited by the same organisers for the same period are others,

we want to know on the base of which information provided by the secret service entry was refused to the Iraqi exponents given the fact that in analogous situations the intelligence only observed movements of foreigners while not impeding their presence;

in front of a victim of the violation of humans rights, even more as the person in question is the emblem of the horrors of war scheduled to speak in several countries, we ask the Italian embassy and the Foreign Ministry to communicate immediately the modality of the concession of visa in order to make his arrival possible;

if not we have to assume that the denial of the right to free movement and free expression, stipulated by the very constitution, is motivated by a grave subordination to the US and the Neocon doctrine of the so-called pre-emptive war.