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26 representatives of Iraqi opposition to occupation address Prodi

5. November 2005

Future Italian prime minister refuses to receive letter

Frightened even by a letter
Italian’s future prime minister Prodi refused to receive letter by Iraqi opposition

As organisers of the international conference “For a just peace – with the Iraqi Resistance” we have had the mandate to hand over a letter to Romano Prodi, leader of the Italian opposition, written by 26 Iraqi organisations and personalities representing by and large the forces against the occupation.

The signatories of the letter directly address Prodi as future prime minister in order to “launch a constructive and fundamental dialogue within the political elite about the moral responsibility of your country following the ongoing Iraqi tragedy, which is a consequence of the American occupation”.

We intended with the letter to pave the way to a meeting between Prodi and a representative delegation of the Iraqi opposition which signed he letter. For more than two months we have been trying to open up a formal channel to hand over the letter. But Prodi did his best to first hide and finally to let us know that he does consider it “inopportune”.

Unofficially he referred to internal problems within the “Union”, the centre left coalition challenging Berlusconi which Prodi heads. This very fact makes clear how strong the pro-US forces are also within the official left.

We repeat: all talk about the construction of peace is void if the legitimate representatives of the Iraqi people are not recognised.

The letter, however, remains a document of utmost importance as it shows the readiness of a wide range of Iraqi forces to launch a dialogue with a Europe which would desist from the US wars and aggressions. It is a political signal to those who want to hear. It is exactly this political capacity of the Iraqi resistance which frightens the “politically correct” forces who in the last instance subordinate to the American empire.

The Free Iraq Committees, given the negative response of Prodi and his Union, have decided to make the letter public in order that everybody can decide whether Prodi’s commitment for peace and troop withdrawal are serious or not.

Free Iraq Committees Italy
Florence, November 3, 2005


Dear Mr. Prodi,

The representatives of Iraqi public opinion and Iraqi forces and parties and the political and intellectual personalities, who are signing this letter, call on you, and through you, on the Italian representatives of public opinion and the various parties and forces in Italy, hoping that the occasion of your candidature to the position of head of government will be a real chance to launch a constructive and fundamental dialogue within the political elite about the moral responsibility of your country following the ongoing Iraqi tragedy, which is a consequence of the American occupation.

This issue is worth being part of your personal concern and your activity as a candidate. The victims of the criminal invasion of Iraq, who are still falling daily because of the occupation and the unceasing anarchy, are fully aware that the partners of the occupation carry the same responsibility as those who planned and executed the invasion. Therefore, Italy can not be dismissed from its historical responsibility about what happened and is happening in Iraq, as long as the Italian troops keep accomplishing the same mission, which is supporting the American occupation.

The tragic consequences are serious for millions of oppressed people in Iraq, but at the same time this has heavy moral consequences, not only for Italy but also for all Europeans, as long European troops still participate at the occupation.

Your country has historical and traditional bonds with the Iraqi and the Arab people. We have been hoping that these ties would become a strong foundation for relationships based on respect of national sovereignties and the right to self determination for the peoples. These ties are now at risk, as long the troops of your country are playing a partner role in this international act of piracy, which Iraq is undergoing today. It’s a pity that defending the image of Italy as a friendly nation to the Arabs has become very difficult today.

The war on Iraq showed that there are no limits to American intervention in the affairs of other countries and no limits to the insults made by the USA to any country how ever large or important it may be. The gross intervention by American members of congress and their attempt to pressure the Italian government into prohibiting the planned international solidarity conference with the Iraqi resistance (under the slogan: leave Iraq in Peace, Support the Iraqi resistance), is further evidence that the USA does not even respect their partner in the crime.

Your statement of last July, considering the Italian troops in Iraq as occupation troops and showing your intention of withdrawing these troops if elected as prime minister, should be a moral commitment to your people and the world, and not just promises in an election game.


1. Ayattullah Ahmad Alhasani Albaghdadi- PR Office in Najaf
2. Iraq (Islamic) Sunni cleric
3. Assadir Movement, Muqtada Assadir
4. Iraqi Patriotic Alliance: spokesmen Mr. Awni Alkalemji
5. Representative of Baath party and a retired diplomat: Dr. Ghalid Assamarai
6. Democratic Patriotic Communist Movement :Ahmad Karim
7. Iraqi Intellectual Assembly: Fadhil Al-Rubaiee
8. Popular Struggle Movment (Alkifaah Alshabi),
9. The Supreme Council of the Patriotic Forces rejecting the Occupation (Wahaj- ElIraq)- Represented by Majeed AlGaod
10. Iraqi Communist Party – Central Command
11. Iraqi Communist Party- Alkadir, Represented by Dr. Nouri AlMuradi
12. Iraqi Patriotic Communist Movment represented by Dr.Muhamed Jawad Faris.
13. Arabic Socialist movement (the Patriotic Leadership)
14. Democratic Nationalist party
15. Iraqi Women Union
16. Progressive Iraqi Students Union
17. The Nationalist Patriotic Islamic Front
18. People’s Union
19. Socialist Unity Party
20. The Patriotic Front of Iraqi Intellectuals.
21. Iraqi Community in Germany , Berlin
22. Arab Culture Centre, Germany
23. Ibrahim Alkubaisi: Brother of the arrested IPA chairman abduljabbar alkubaisi
24. General coordinator of the Iraqi popular organization: Salah almuchtaar
25. Dr. Dirgham aldabak, Iraqi writer and political activist
26. Iraqi Sociologist Residence in the Netherlands, Dr. Jasmin Jawad Althrethi