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US keeps denying use of white phosphorous against Iraq

12. December 2005

Talk of troop withdrawal void propaganda

The US embassy in Italy and military denied the use of white phosphorous (November 8, 2005), “To claim that American forces have used white phosphorous against human beings….is simply incorrect” in the battle of Fallujah; however, it has now been uncovered that in the US military “Field Artillery” magazine of March-April 2005, US combat forces reported using white phosphorous in “Shake and Bake missions.” The Field Artillery journal states “used white phosphorous to flush out insurgents, then fired High Explosive shells to kill them.”

What’s the truth? The above quotation taken from the US “Field Artillery” is proof positive that white phosphorous has been and continues to be used despite statements to the contrary.

Based on a conversation with a Bush administration insider, I have been told the following:

Despite a majority of Americans opposing the Iraq war and George Bush’s popularity at its lowest level since taking office, the administration is driven by internal dogma, not public opinion polls; however, look for a pullout of some military personnel in time for next year’s important mid-term elections. Under no circumstances will the administration completely withdraw its military occupation in significant numbers. Matter of fact, concrete with steel reinforced permanent Iraq military bases are being constructed in several strategic locations. The administration will attempt to influence world opinion by making a public display of withdrawing occupation forces, but this is for propaganda purposes only. The US military is finalizing significant military base infrastructure improvements costing $4.5 billion via “black budget” financing. The bottom line unequivocal fact is that there will be a significant military force in Iraq for many, many years to come.

Frank Friedrich Kling
Saint Louis, Missouri, USA