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Jabbar al Kubaysi freed: “US accused me to mobilise the world against them”

28. December 2005

Secretary General of Iraqi Patriotic Alliance released by US armyAbdeljabbar
al Kubaysi, the secretary general of the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance, has been
released along with other high profile political prisoners in Iraq. He had been
kidnapped on September 3, 2004, by US forces in Baghdad and transferred to the
special prison at the airport.

In his
first statement today Jabbar reported about the inhumane treatment by the US
army. The first ten days he was kept in a box of less than 70 cm width with his
arms and legs completely cuffed and his eyes blind-folded. He was continuously
interrogated and deprived of any sleep. Any movement resulted in self-injury.

For the
ensuing five months he still was kept in a small box in total isolation. The
food was so poor that he lost more than twelve kilogram.

Among the
long list of accusations which all revolve around the resistance he was
reproached to have played a pivotal role in mobilising the world’s public
opinion against the US. The US army intended to convince him to politically
collaborate which he categorically refused.

Asked for
his comment on the recent elections staged by the US as well as for the reasons
for his release Abduljabbar said that “it is obvious that the US realised that
they cannot win the war against the resistance backed by the people so they
need to employ political means”. The elections were used to set the
confessional communities one against the other.

complete isolation from the world in only ten days of dozens of meetings
Abduljabbar reported to have seen that people who went to the ballot boxes
understand that they have been cheated. “Only in a few weeks we will see that
the resistance will come out even strengthened.”

Anti-imperialist Camp congratulates Abduljabbar and the IPA to his release. It
is a result of the steadfastness of the resistance as well as of the international
movement to end the occupation and in support of the resistance. We will
continue our struggle together with Abdeljabbar and the IPA on the side of the
resistance and especially for the creation of a political liberation front with
the final aim to inflict a decisive defeat to the US empire.


28, 2005