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International Bolivarian Camp – Anti-imperialist Meeting

30. December 2005

23-30 January 2006

The bolivarian and anti-imperialist forces meeting in Caracas, Venezuela, on the occasion of the Social Forum of the Americas, invite all revolutionary, anti-imperialist, bolivarian and popular forces as well as individuals to join the internationalist meeting taking place in Caracas in the historical working-class district “23 de Enero”. The participating forces will share their experiences of anti-imperialist resistance against the US Empire and , focusing on the bolivarian process in Venezuela, discuss how to build a new socialism of the XXI century. The participant will also work to find ways for common structures for the coordination of activities to counter the imperial strategy of domination and oppression of the USA with an international anti-imperialist organized force.

After the Anti-imperialist Meeting a solidarity brigade will travel to the rural areas of Venezuela visiting there different experiences of popular power.

23 – 28 January

International Bolivarian Camp

The International Bolivarian Camp is organised by the National Peasant´s Front Ezequiel Zamora (FNCEZ), the urban group Alexis Vive of the working-class district 23 de Enero and the Brasilian Landless Movement (Movimiento Sin Tierra, MST). The Camp aims to produce a deeper knowledge of experiences and activities of popular organisation struggle. Participation is open to all popular and anti-imperialist forces.

23 January:

Opening of the International Bolivarian Camp with a cultural-political activity commemorating the 23 January 1958, the day of the popular victory against the dictator Pà©rez-Jimà©nez.

24 January:

Information activities on the international Bolivarian Camp at the Social Forum of the Americas

25-26 January:

Organising the popular sectors for the liberation of Latin-America
– 25 January: urban fight: the role of popular urban organisations in the liberation processes.
– 26 January: fighting for land: the war against latifundium as pivot of social transformation.

27 January:

Workshop : forming popular leaders

28-30 January

Anti-imperialist Meeting

The Anti-imperialist Meeting is an internationalist event summoned by different Venezuelan and international organisations (see the Call) in order to give voice to the anti-imperialist resistance struggles all over the world and to discuss proposals and forms of international coordination against imperialism.

28 January

The Bolivarian Revolution seen from below

Morning: presentations by different bolivarian popular sectors
– Peasant sector (National Peasants´ Front Ezequiel Zamora)
– Urban sector (Alexis Vive)
– Student sector (Union of Independent Forces)
Afternoon: workshops – the XXI Century Socialism: accepting the challenge of transition to a new socialist society
– Forms of popular power as new state institutions
– Founding a new socialist economy
Evening: Plenary session – Uniting the popular sectors for a collective leadership of the bolivarian process to build the XXI century socialism.

29 January

Anti-imperialism and peoples´resistance

Morning: presentation of the Latin American and the international representatives
– Plan Colombia and US interventionism in Latin America
– Role of the bolivarian revolution in the international anti-imperialist struggle
– Resistance in Iraq and Palestine
Afternoon: Workshops – new processes in the liberation fight against the US Empire
– Anti-imperialism and the Islamic movements in the Arab world
– Europe: ally or competitor of the US Empire?
– Latin America between centre-left governments and popular revolutions
Evening: Plenary session – Which perspectives for the anti-imperialist struggles to defeat the North American Empire.

30 January

Coordinating world-wide resistance against North American imperialism

Morning: meeting of the participants in order to define a common agenda
– Problems and possibilities of international coordination
– Definition of international common campaigns
– Planification of an international anti-imperialist Conference to be hold in Bolivarian Venezuela
Afternoon: Anti-imperialist demonstration and public debate in Caracas
Evening: Departure from Caracas to Apure of the solidarity delegation.

31 January – 4 February

Anti-imperialist solidarity Brigade

The Anti-imperialist Solidarity Brigade allows participants to directly know the today’s efforts of the bolivarian popular movement to build popular power and to become familiar with the process of popular organisation mainly in rural areas which still are characterized by strong social conflicts with the old ruling classes. (The Brigade will be organized with a minimum of 15 participants.)

31 January – 1 February

Visit of Guasdualito, Apure

– Meeting with the Movement of Popular Basis (MBP) and representatives of local institutions and committees of direct democracy
– Meeting with the local section of the peasants´ organisation of Alto Apure
– Meeting with the mayor and the town council of Guasdualito
– Departure to Táchira

2 – 3 February

Visit of the Cooperative Berverà©: The Cooperative Berverà© has come out of a large rural struggle leaded by the FNCEZ peasant front. Peasants have decided to build their cooperative on entirely collective basis. The cooperative is leaded mainly by women from afro-american origin.
Meeting with the leadership of the Cooperative
Visit of the project for organic agriculture at Berverà©
Discussion on land reform, bolivarian land law and peasant struggle

4 February

Caracas: Collective evaluation of the experiences and farewell to the solidarity brigade


International Bolivarian Camp – Anti-imperialist Meeting:
15 Euro / 20 USD a day (meals and accommodation in the working-class district “23 de Enero” included)
Solidarity Brigade
Ca 65 Euro / 80 USD (transfer and accommodation included; meals excluded)