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Norway drops EU terror lists!

5. January 2006

A step away from EuroAmerica

The Norwegian government has decided to drop their support to the EU terrorist list! I must admit it, because it does not happen very often, but today, I am totally happy with the government’s decision. This is of course very important, as the EU terrorist lists are one of the most important tools that are used against progressive and revolutionary forces, a striking example of many others being the case of Jose Maria Sison.

This does not come from any kind of mass movement. Probably, the motivation here is that the Norwegian government, also during the last rightwing period, has seen problems in combining it’s support for the EU terrorist lists and it’s involvement in peace processes, most interesting here probably being the negotiations between the Gloria Government in the Philippines and the National Democratic Front, an umbrella-organisation of revolutionary forces on the Islands, and the more know negotiations between the Singhalese government and the LTTE in Sri Lanka, although they are not anymore on the lists of the EU (but, I believe, still on the US list). Jan Petersen, former FM, also admits this today.

Of course, the government might still choose to sanction most of those organisations that actually are on the list, and obviously this will need to be followed closely. But still, this is a very happy day. We are one tiny step towards the door away from EuroAmerica.

Lars Akerhaug