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MLKP gathered ‘Kurdistan Conference’

16. January 2006

Marxist Leninist Communist Party (MLKP) of Turkey and Northern
Kurdistan declared that it gathered “Ist Kurdistan Conference”. The
Conference was done by “MLKP Kurdistan Organization”, which is the
Kurdistan Section of the party.

“We will beat colonialism!

Worker, oppressed, labourer brothers!

MLKP Ist. Kurdistan Conference was done successfully between the 4th and 11th of November. The Conference, which was gathered by MLKP Kurdistan Organization -the Kurdistan Section of our party- began with a commemoration stand for all the martyrs of freedom and socialism of the world. The Conference opened with marches “Ey Raqip” (Kurdish national anthem, tn.) and International. After opening speeches in Kurdish and Turkish, the formation of conference council and the determination of Conference agenda, the Conference was held in an energetic and enthusiastic atmosphere, full of feith to the future and comradeship spirit. The Conference, conscious of its role and historical importance it carries for our party, put forward the will, ardour and determination of the comrade delegates for developing the fight for national freedom and social liberation and strengthening the party work in Kurdistan. The Kurdistan Conference, which was the first in our party history, closed after 20 sessions of lively discussions based on a socialist patriotic perspective; with a closing speech, marches “Ey Raqip” and “International” once again and slogans “Bijà® Kurdistan’a Azad, Bijà® Sosyalà®zm” (Long live free Kurdistan, long live socialism), “Dà®sa Dà®sa Serhildan MLKP Kurdistan” (Again Again uprise, MLKP Kurdistan), “Long live proletarian internationalism”.

Our Kurdish and Turkish peoples, oppressed national communities!

MLKP Ist Kurdistan Conference discussed; the political situation, national and social realities in Kurdistan, beginning from its North part; the positions and roles of different national parties and groups, PKK being in the first line; the activities of our Kurdistan Organization in Northern Kurdistan since our 3rd Party Congress (held in 2002, tn.) and its’ role in the future. The Conference made analysis and took decisions over these issues.

Our Conference,

Emphasizes once again;

1) The right of self-determination and the unification of all pieces of Kurdistan on the basis of the breakup of colonialist yoke, free will of our people and without any pre-conditions,

2) The indispensability of the right of national freedom and social liberation of the Kurdistan working class, peasantry, labourers; and the tight unity of the fight for national and social liberation,

3) The necessity of our working class to show the highest interest to the right of national freedom and national democratic demands and to struggle in the forefront in these matters for our working class to become the pioneer of the liberation of our people in Kurdistan and to march towards socialism,

4) The historical and political importance of the unity of Kurdistan and Turkey working classes in a single party and in the same way, the mission of the unity of workers and peoples of the world, our region in the first line.

5) The necessity of our oppressed peoples to firmly unite their destinies -the working class and peasantry of Kurdistan; the proletariat and labourers of Turkey; oppressed national communities of Syrian, Laz, Georgian, Circassian, Abhaz, Arabic, Armenian, Greek, Tzigane identitiy- for the overthrow of the fascist and colonialist regime of the Turkish bourgeoise which is the source of the national and social enslavement; and the establishment of a Union of Workers’-Toilers’ Soviet Republics -which is characterized by a voluntary unity, the right of seperation and equality of the peoples.

Our Conference,

Declares that;

6) It is a national and social right and duty of our people -who is under colonialist yoke and whose national existance is denied- to struggle by all means against the militarist forces of colonialism, its’ ruling bureaucracy, its’ economical and political institutions, for making them unable to house in Northern Kurdistan and for throwing them out; military fight and mass violence coming in the first place.

7) It supports and defends the national democratic demands such as the recognition of the national existence of our people, the freedom for our mother-language (i.e. Kurdish, tn.), the freedom to politically organize with Kurdish national identity, the dismantlement of the “extraordinary status” device, the return of the peasant refugees to their villages and the complete compensation of their damages, the ending of military attacks to Kurdistan, the clarification of the places of mass graves, the detention and judgement of the fascist killers and their chiefs who are responsible for the disappereances, unclarified murders against the Kurdish people, killings and torturings against the Kurdish guerilla, the unconditioned release of the Kurdish prisoners of war, Abdullah Ocalan coming in the first place.

8) The “peace” demand of our people is an expression of brotherhood with the Turkish people and all the oppressed. The PKK position over the “peace” demand, which is to handle this demand in a line of compromise with the Turkish bourgeoise and imperialism or in essence, a line of servile peace; is completely wrong, deceptive and harmful. Peace can gain a democratic content if only it involves the end of colonialist yoke and national denial, recognition of the Kurdish national existence and the Kurdistan country, and the realization of national equality. For this reason, the current peace demand of our people embodies in the slogan “A Peace Just, Honored and Democratic; not Servile”.

9) Kurdistan working class, landless and poor peasantry, needs to raise the struggle not just for national freedom but also for their social and class demands; needs to show interest also to the democratic and revolutionary struggle of the working class and lobourers of Turkey. The Kurds living in Turkey should take part in the class struggle, along with giving support to the national struggle. The most effective medicine for the poisonous chauvinism illness which the colonialism and denial created in Turkish people, is united struggle.

10) PKK’s struggle against the national denial policy and racist-fascist mangle of the Turkish bourgeoise, on the basis of national democratic rights, is legitimate and just. Our party is on the side of national democratic demands with all its power. But we condemn the petty-bourgeois reformist strategy, line, viewpoint and practices of the PKK which embodies in the retreat from the target of breaking the colonialist yoke in Kurdistan and our people’s freely self-determination, and the tendencies of compromise with imperialism and the Turkish bourgeoise.

11) The right of armed resistance and armed fight of our people is legitimate, ethical and unavoidable because their country is under fascist colonialism and their national identity is denied. In this manner, any attempt to decompose HPG (i.e. the Kurdish guerilla force tied to PKK, tn.) will have a reactionary character and will serve denial and colonialism. HPG made a just, fit move and a step forwards by ending the unilateral cease-fire (in June 2004, tn.) and getting the position of active defence with national democratic rights.

12) Parties like Hak-Par, PSK, PWD, etc., all the internet chatterers and crews living in the arms of imperialism are bourgeois-nationalist barricades for the national freedom struggle and social liberation aspirations. Because, despite all their sharp bourgeios-nationalist statements, in reality, they never even bring to their minds, any serious practice against colonialism and denial. They use all their faculties to mislead our people to enter under the yoke of US and EU imperialists. The anti-PKK blocs which such parties form have no proggressive character.

Our Conference,

Emphasizes that;

13) The self-determination of our people in South Kurdistan (i.e. the piece in the borders of Iraq, tn.) as a Kurdistan Regional Government inside federal Iraq is indisputable in terms of national legitimacy. Concepts like “Second Israel” used to define the tendencies or practices of founding a nation state in Southern Kurdistan, root from a colonialist and chauvinist perspective.

On the contrary, the choice made in Southern Kurdistan is completely wrong in terms of its’ class and social content. This choice is developed on the basis of collaboration with the US imperialism and supporting the Iraqi invasion. This choice wounds the national honour of our people in all the pieces (of Kurdistan, tn.) and abroad; gives a grave harm to the possibilities of common struggle and brotherly unity of our people with the peoples of the region; strengthens the most aggressive enemy of world peoples, i.e. US imperialism, in our region. For these reasons, Barzani-Talabani nationalism cannot be supported.

Our people in Southern Kurdistan should base on the spirit and action of national freedom, which is existent in its historical traditions; and should develop an equal and brotherly unity with Arabic, Turkoman and other peoples.

Our Conference,

14) Strongly condemns the colonialist yoke and vile in Eastern and Southwestern Kurdistan over our people, and the terror and imprisonment assaults of the Iranian and Syrian states against the national democratic demonstrations of our people; demands the release of all the patriotic people put into prison for demanding national-democratic rights and salutes the resistance of our people.

Our Conference,

15) Calls our worker and labourer people and Kurdish women and youth abroad, especially those living in Europe to continue their massive support to the struggle in Kurdistan determinedly, and attend the struggle for freedom and socialism in the countries they live, together with the workers and the oppressed of these countries; and salutes the struggle given on this base.

Our Conference,

16) Declares that imperialism is the enemy of our people, just like all the other peoples of the world. The ones who defend to gain national rights by entering under the protectorate of US or EU imperialism take under their feet the demand of free Kurdistan, the right of unity of the four pieces and the social liberation of Kurdistan workers and peasants. Different groups, circles and individuals who propagandate a US or EU neo-colonial or protectorate-colonial yoke without the national denial, in the place of Turkish bourgeois colonialism, as the sole “way of liberation” are extensions of imperialism in our country and have no patriotic character. Our Conference calls our people to stay awake and struggle against them.

Our Conference,

17) Salutes with excitement, the national mass movement of our people, popular determination in attending the funerals of the martyr guerillas and other martyrs, our people’s resistance and honoured stand against tyranny.

Our Conference,

Declares that;

18) MLKP Kurdistan Organization will continue its’ ongoing struggle with a higher level of determination and will, with the perspectives and objectives formulated above. In our country (i.e. Kurdistan, tn.) which experiences a revolutionary situation, MLKP Kurdistan Organization will give all its’ power and faculties in a full spirit of devotion and sacrifice, for gaining a level which responds the needs of the fight. MLKP KO will be in alliance with the forces who defend our people’s revolutionary and national democratic demands against fascist colonialism and denial. Will be loyal and respectful to the values created with big pains and heavy prices, with spilt blood and lost lives, in the process of national freedom struggle.

Our Conference,

19) Calls Kurdistan working class, poor peasantry, labourer women, youth and all the people to lift the flag of national freedom and social liberation and to listen, strengthen and join the ranks of MLKP and its Kurdistan Section, MLKP Kurdistan Organisation for throwing out the fascist colonialism out of our country (which embodies in the occupation army, police stations, tax offices and prisons in terms of political annexation; in economical annexation institutions which plunder our underground and overground richnesses; and in the denial culture and assimilation centers); and for the urban and rural workers, landless peasantry, urban and rural poors to reach a free and humanitarian life.

Down with national denial! Down with fascist colonialism!

Bijà® Kurdistan’a Azad, Bijà® Sosyalà®zm! (Long live free Kurdistan, long live socialism)

Long live Workers’-Toilers’ Soviet Republics Union

Long live Revolution!

11th of November, 2005

MLKP Ist. Kurdistan Conference”