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Chirac tops US warmongering against Iran

27. January 2006

EU elites in perfect harmony with American Empire
French president Chirac could not find a more symbolic place than an atomic submarine to threat Iran with nuclear strikes if she would harm French national interest. Virtually nothing remains of the European elites’ would-be opposition to the aggression on Iraq and the US imperial re-design of the world — only that Chirac tries to cry even louder than his masters in Washington knowing well that an attack for “regime chance” will need the superior US war machine. This verbal brinkmanship should cover up for the fact that they tail the US crusade against the next “rogue state” in the visor. And also chancellor Merkel made it clear in her inaugural visit to Washington that Germany will participate in the war drive against Persia.

It is obvious that the Western accusations against Tehran serve as a pretext. The international conventions on non proliferations of nuclear arms not only stipulate that any country has the right to use nuclear power for civil purposes but even that it has to be supported in such efforts. So the Persian thrust to acquire the full nuclear circle is fully in line with international law.

The imperialist media campaign is all the more hypocritical as Israel did not join the non proliferation treaties and lets everybody know that they got the atomic bomb. It is an Apartheid state not only denying the most elementary human rights to the Palestinians but also engaged in a long term genocide to “cleanse” Arabs away from their native land. It is the most aggressive colonial country being based on war with the Arab world. Its nuclear threat against its neighbours is real and everybody knows that they are ready for any type of massacre. But the entire “international community” accepts this as it is in US and Western interest.

Behind the stepped up campaign against Iran is the strategic goal of the US to absolutely preserve its unreachable superiority in military technology. Without this superiority in words and deeds the creation and maintenance of the American empire is impossible. No county not subordinating to the US can be allowed to control the technology to produce nuclear arms let alone hold such arms themselves. So it is an imperial necessity to make the world understand that anybody who violates this unwritten imperial law will be punished.

The question acquired an emergency status as soon as Washington realised that Rafsanjani, representing the capitalist and pro-imperialist wing of the Persian clerical establishment, could not proceed uncontested. The unexpected electoral victory of Ahmedinejad sounded the alarm bells indicating that the anti-imperialist spirit of the Iranian revolution was still alive among the poor classes.

In this light the close US-Iranian collaboration in Iraq against the popular resistance will be re-evaluated. Already Bush senior did not want to depose Saddam Hussein because of the danger of bringing to power pro-Iranian forces. This is was actually happened as a result of Bush juniors attack. At that time the geo-strategic need to topple Saddam outbalanced the unavoidable advance of Tehran interests in Iraq. But today things change again and the US needs to build up a plausible military power projection on Iran for which the dominant influence of the pro-Iranian over the Shia areas of Iraq is a unacceptable obstacle. The US needs to co-opt parts of the Sunni resistance forces not only to politically weaken the uprising which they could not put down by mere military force but also to construct a counterweight against a too strong Iranian control over Iraq.

But also from the Iranian side a radicalisation over Iraq is possible. For the time being the completely collaborationist forces of Sciri and Dawa dominate not only helping the US to occupy the country but committing countless crimes against the resisting people fighting for their right to self-determination. But Tehran got also a much more radical horse in the box, namely the movement of Muqtada as Sadr. Organising the poor classes he is ready for a popular uprising against the occupation in concomitance with the Sunni resistance as he proved already twice. He only needs the go. If the US does not give in return to Iranian collaboration over Iraq an plausible non aggression pact Tehran could decide to change the horse. One must also take into account that an approaching aggression can alter the relationship of forces within the Iranian regime itself.

Regardless of the firm condemnation of the criminal Iranian help to the US occupation of Iraq the anti-imperialist forces of the world must not only oppose and fight the looming US and Western aggression on Iran but support the Iranian resistance which will – like in Iraq – tend towards a popular mobilisation challenging the pro-Western capitalist establishment in Iran herself.

While in principle we are for nuclear disarmament first of all of the main threats to humanity, namely the US and Israel, but all nuclear powers, today we need to defend the right of the oppressed countries not only to make use of atomic energy but also to acquire nuclear arms which under the threat of the permanent US war are a powerful tool of self-defence. Our active support goes to the popular masses fighting by all means against imperialism but at the same time we welcome any step toward a more multi-polar world away from US predominance. This will give the popular liberation movements new space to breath and to eventually pass from defensive to offensive.

No to the impending imperialist aggression on Iran!
Defend Iran’s right to nuclear technology both civil and military!
End the US occupation of Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan!
Down with the permanent US war and the American Empire!

Anti-imperialist Camp
January 27, 2006