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Hague’s victor’s justice reached its goal

19. March 2006

Defending the Yugoslav-Serb resistance against the “New World Order” and Milosevic’s contribution

Slobodan Milosevic, the epitome of the bad during the 90s, is dead. There is, however, no lack of new bad. It seems to steadily grow and multiply: Saddam Hussein, Ahmedinejad or an entire people like the Palestinians which votes for the bad. Everywhere new Hitlers whose proliferation can allegedly only be barred by the military might of the US and their pre-emptive war.

This is not only the point of view of Washington’s regime but has grown into an outright Western civil religion promoted by big parts of the servile Western intelligentsia. It is a kind of generalisation or enlargement of the Zionist pattern according to which history is driven by the absolute bad i.e. anti-Semitism represented by the Holocaust. Its political use is simple: to legitimise the American Empire an its Israeli appendix.

In this prospect it was Milosevic’s crime to have as the first challenged the “New World Order”. For this he was blamed to be the new Hitler, the butcher of the Balkans.

In the early 90s under the Clinton’s regime the American New World Order still tried to display is liberal face. The hollowness and cynicism of the trinity of prosperity, democracy and peace by the mercy of Washington still had not been obvious. Now, 10 years later, the tyrannical character of the self-proclaimed American Empire appears without camouflage.

Faced with Milosevic’s death it is time to adjust the picture being painted by the victors and their political tribunal in The Hague – also to show before the world that the thread of resistance never was torn off.

Milosevic neither was a revolutionary nor did he deliberately challenge the West. He wanted nothing more than not to surrender his country to the shock programmes of IMF and Worldbank and to maintain some social gains for the broad masses. He intended to preserve the political sovereignty against the Western attempt to dismantle the country led by Berlin as the final part of the crusade of the New World Order against the socialist states. But it was exactly the lesson of 1989/91 that this would not be possible without punishment.

Berlin used the national conflicts as their lever. These tensions certainly existed but did not surpass a level known in many other countries even within the European Union like Spain (with the Basks) or Great Britain (with the Irish). In any case there was no comparison with the oppression by some pro-Western dictatorships like Turkey exerts against the Kurds or Israel against the Palestinians.

In a state where religions, nationalities and nations are completely intermingled the notion of national self-determination pressed for by the West could only lead to separation and subsequently to what later was called “ethic cleansing” (but only for those fighting against the West – with regard to Israel the notion is never used.) The logic consequence was not only a fratricidal war but also the actual loss of self-determination and eventual subordination under the US empire. For, despite all difficulties, Yugoslavia was one of the outstanding examples of unification while preserving diversity which meant real sovereignty.

Milosevic’s biggest mistake was to have believed in the Western promises of peace. In the Dayton agreement he did not only agree to the genocidal principle of separation but also surrendered territories which according to the imposed principle of national self-determination would belong to Serbia like the Krajina.

But for the West this was by far not enough. In the final instance they had a precise goal as in Iraq, Iran or any other “rogue state”: regime change towards puppets. Consequently the Serbs were denied the right to self-determination in whose name the West had waged war. The talk of human rights was only make-up.

The blueprint of the pattern of aggression which was later repeated against other countries was first tested on Yugoslavia. Western cynicism climaxed in the humanitarian disaster caused by the ground intervention in Kosovo which served to lend legitimacy to the bombardment of entire Serbia. Eventually the Serb people was forced on their knees by the embargo and the bomb terror, so that they gave up their sovereignty represented by the Milosevic government. In the final instance Milosevic’s resistance was only possible thanks to the resistance mounted by the people.

The following servile regimes sold out everything to the West and transformed Serbia into a neo-colony as the rest of Eastern Europe had already become.

The crux, however, remains the status of Kosovo. Although the biggest part of the Serb population was expelled from Kosovo (as the biggest portion of displaced people in the former Yugoslavia were Serbs in contradiction to the suppositions of the media). But for the Serb people Kosovo is a symbol for their very national existence. Even the most servile puppet regime in Belgrade must take this into account. The ongoing negations only turn around the point how much a Serb government can surrender without being toppled. The Gordic knot Kosovo shows one again the lessons the partisan movement during WWII had drawn: if two or more nationalities raise their claim then there is only a joint solution which used to be called Yugoslavia or even better Balkan federation.

In order to reach this goal not only the Western troops must be thrown out but also the puppet regimes toppled which brings us back to the political heritage of Milosevic namely the struggle for independence against Western imperialism.

For this resistance The Hague’s tribunal should punish Milosevic and the entire Serb people. His death puts an end to the show trial which has experienced grave difficulties. As they could not seriously prove their accusation the premature end is clearly in their interest.

Without going into details the thesis put forward by the tribunal about Milosevic’s self- intoxication is less than plausible. Actually the results of the blood analysis was concealed from him against which he protested only a few days before his death. In any case the denied breaks of the trial, the hostile doctors as well as the denied treatment in Russia helped his death.

Our task today is not only to keep the Serb resistance against imperialism alive. Actually the main problem is to unify the different centres of resistance to the US empire which often are in conflict between is other. The common interest to bring down imperialism must prevail in an Anti-imperialist Front as proposed by Venezuela’s president Hugo Chavez.

Dissolve the The Hague’s tribunal!
Withdraw all Western troops and end protectorates!
For an anti-imperialist Balkan federation.

Anti-imperialist Camp
March 2006