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Popular Campaign for the Support of Resistance in Palestine and Iraq and Against Globalization

31. March 2006

Final Declaration of the Cairo Conference 2006

The fourth Cairo Conference is taking place at the time of important and dangerous developments in the struggle against Imperialism and Zionism. In Iraq the armed resistance is continuing to spread against The American and British occupation and their agents, and the puppet government is becoming more and more paralyzed and isolated. But at the same time the occupation is persistently trying to instigate tensions between Sunnis and Shiites in an attempt to weaken the resistance, change its course and damage its image.

In Palestine and despite the da ily killing and blockade by the Zionist army, the Palestinian people have again proved in the last elections that their choice is that of struggle and resistance. The Hamas victory was not only a painful lesson to the Zionists and to the Americans, but also to the Arab regimes that had hoped for the Palestinian people to surrender. But the Palestinian people today are facing major challenges. The Zionists are continuing to build their Wall and in transforming Gaza and the West Bank cities into large prisons and are escalating their attacks and crimes against the Palestinians. The American administration and its European allies are threatening to starve the Palestinian people by cutting financial aid, and the Arab regimes are putting all the pressure they can on the Hamas government to try to force it to make concessions. All these forces are today conspiring against Hamas with a single aim and that is to disarm the resistance, recognize the Zionist state and accept a peace process that has achieved nothing for the Palestinian people during the last two decades.

The Palestinian people will continue in its struggle and Hamas will be able to withstand the pressures and challenges. But to do that requires a new wave of support and solidarity, particularly from the Arab and Muslim people. However we cannot separate such a task from the struggle of the Arab and Muslim people for democracy and freedom. The Arab regimes are a major obstacle with their corruption, their neo liberal policies and their alliance with American and Zionist strategies and interests. But these regimes are today facing a growing anger against their policies and their repression. Perhaps the success in Latin America of mass movements in rejecting American hegemony and neo-liberal policies proves that they are not everlasting and that history has not ended as our enemies claim.

But we face major challenges: The American administration is threatening to widen the war to include Iran and Syria. The Zionists are threatening to impose borders that would swallow most of the West Bank and all of Jerusalem. A nd the Arab regimes, despite their weakness, continue to fill the jails and carry out orders from Washington and Tel Aviv. In confronting these challenges, the following resolutions and recommendations were made at the fourth Cairo Conference:

On Iraq

1. Developing a people’s strategy in the Arab world to challenge American and Zionist occupation.
2. Activate Boycott against American and British Products
3. Working against the threats to widen the war (Iran and Syria)
4. Spreading the culture of resistance and breaking the siege on the Iraqi resistance and calling on neighboring countries to support the legitimate Iraqi resistance
5. Regarding the Iraqi resistance the sole representative of the Iraqi People, and ensuring the independence and unity of Iraq
6. Activating campaigns to assist and help the vict ims of the occupation and send medicine and other forms of aid and forming committees for the support of the Iraqi resistance.
7. Organize regular demonstrations against the occupation of Iraq, and opposing sending any other forces to Iraq

On Palestine

1. No concessions regarding recognition of the Zionist state and calling on all Palestinian factions to acti vate the decisions their meeting in Cairo in March 2005 regarding the rebuilding of the PLO on new political and organizational basis that ensure the interests of the Palestinian People and their national unity.
2. Making clear that our fight is against Zionism and not Judaism.
3. No concessions on the main national demands (Jerusalem, borders, refugees…)
4. The occupation continues despite the withdrawal from Gaza.
5. Hamas has the mandate to continue its policy of resistance, and calling on the Palestinian factions to participate actively with the new Palestinian government
6. No retreats on the resistance project and no condemnation of suicide attacks.
7. Devel oping the methods of Palestinian resistance.
8. Activating the economic and political boycott of the Zionist state.
9. Moving from simple aid from Arab and Muslim people to actual participation in the struggle
10. A donations project from the Arab people for support of Palestinian resistance.
11. Activating all forms of solidarity with the resistance.
12. Opposing any attempt to activate the Arab peace initiative or add the road map to it, and demand from the Arab summit to call on all Arab government to sever all relations with the Zionist entity and calling on them to increase their aid to the Palestinian government

On Democracy

1. Calling for a new Arab movement for change.
2. 25th of May an international day of solidarity with the Egyptian people
3. Activating all possible forms of coordination between different democracy movements
4. Forming a solidarity committee that includes all political forces to the support the Judges, Journalists, Lecturers and Students

On Threat against Iran and Syria

1. Campaigns and movements against the American escalation towards Iran and Syria.
2. Forming an international alliance to support resistance and prevent the war on Iran and Syria.
3. Popular pressure to get rid of American bases in our region
4. Agreeing on an international day of solidarity with Iran and Syria against U.S threats (the 6t h of May 2006).
5. Support Lebanese national dialog, and support the Lebanese resistance against the Zionist occupation and opposing the American and Western interpretation of Security Council Resolution 1559

Finally, the participants strongly condemn the denying entry of Mr. Abdul Majid Zuneibat, former Sectary of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan and strongly condemn the Egyptian authorities’ refusal to grant entry visas to the following guest of the conference

Dr. Sattam Al-Qaoud
Dr. Osama Matta Zanoun
Dr. Hassan Al-Rabei
Sheikh Majid Al-Qaoud
Dr. Mohamed Al-Obeidy
Dr. Salem Al-Azawi

The participants decided to continue their coordination with all the peace and anti-war and anti-Zionist movements and campaigns, throughout the world, especially in Latin America and calling on them to put pressure on their governments to change their policies on the Palestinian question and supporting the democratic choice of the Palestinian People.

Finally the organizing committee is asked to follow-up on implementation of these resolutions and report to the Cairo Fifth Conference. The conference adopted the call for solidarity with Iran

Call for international coordinated action to stop the war against Iran before it starts

We, the organizations, institutions, initiatives, individuals participating at the 4th Cairo Conference

Express our solidarity with the people of Iran who are threatened with war by the US administration and its allies.

express our determination to do whatever is possible to stop this escalation of the war -an escalation which will inevitably lead to a humanitarian and environmental catastrophe- to stop the war before it starts

We call for an international day of action against the preparations for a military attack against Iran on the 6th of May, thus coordinating are actions with the European Movements and the 4th European Social Forum who will be demonstrating on this day against the war, in Athens, Greece.

Should, nevertheless, the war start we call for mass antiwar activities including demonstrations, strikes, school and university occupations, closures and blockades the next day after the first bomb has been dropped on Iranian soil.

No war on Iran
Solidarity with the Iranian people

March 2006, Cairo