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Because another world is not possible through the centre-left

3. April 2006

International Anti-imperialist Anti-Capitalist Meeting Athens 4-7 May

Because we live in a multiform crisis period of the system and the totality of gains and rights, the very life of workers and peoples across the planet have been targeted by an increasingly fierce assault from imperialism and capital. Because “another world is not possible” through the “centre-left” scenarios and the reformist concepts, prevailing in the various Forums. We – the organizers of the International Anti-imperialist – Anti-capitalist Meeting, Athens 4-7 May 2006 – INVITE:

Every class conscious toiler and young activist, social and political organization, trade union and local entity, commission and association, in national and international scale, to coordinate our efforts in order to consolidate the mass overthrowing movement and the resistance of the working class and the peoples, developing nowadays with new impetus.

– In order to repel the demagogy about a better management of the crisis and the promises for a “humanized globalization”.
– In order to prove that: the warmongering policy of the imperialist powers, with USA in charge, and the complicity of European Union to redistribute the world,
– the anti-terrorist hysteria,
– the Guadanamo,
– the anticommunism,
– the annihilation of democratic rights,
– the over-exploitation of toilers, of poor and middle peasants and the youth, the migrants, the women and the minorities,
– The fierce plunder policies, privatizations, embargos, racism, repression and discriminations that attempt to make slaves out of them- namely the modern capitalist and imperialism barbarity –

They cannot be “corrected”, they cannot be “humanized”. They have to be overthrown!

In order to raise, against every exploitation, misappropriation and hypocrisy, the voice of the peoples and the revolutionary movements, of the spontaneous mass and militant mobilizations like the one in Seattle, in Genoa and other capitalist metropolises that opposed manipulation and degeneration, did not submit to Social-democracy and the “alternative European pole” logic and today they are confronting imperialism, capitalism, war and every reactionary power.

– To stand decisively in the side of the Iraqi people’s heroic resistance that deepened the crisis and the dead ends of US superpower, of the liberating Palestinian movement, of the peoples in Venezuela, Bolivia, Latin America, of the revolutionary people in Nepal, of the fighting people of the Philippines, of the Turkish and Kurdish people, of the Cyprus people against the Anan plan.

– To consolidate the mass disproval of Euro-constitution, to support the uprising of the cast-off youth, of the students and toilers in Paris, to strengthen the mass and militant strikes and mobilizations of workers in Europe and all over the world.

– To condemn the policies of the bourgeois governments in our country, both PASOK and ND that have undertaken the implementation of the anti-people policies of imperialism and capital, against the overwhelming people’s majority.

We pursue the strongest possible engagement and unity in action, together with grass roots in every place and every level, in factories, trade unions, associations, universities and neighborhoods. We believe that it is also necessary to confront the submission, compromise, assimilation and defeat currents. We stand in cooperation and solidarity to every toiler and young activist, and every radical, left and subversive force caged by co-managing forces and social-democracy in order to win the battles of the years to come.

We want to form a new radical left current, an independent internationalist anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist movement, claiming with victory terms, the social and political liberation of the labor people and every oppressed people on earth. Until this point the International Anti-imperialist, Anti-capitalist Meeting is supported by:

– Trade union entities, urban movements, youth collectives, People’s Militant Movements, Class Marsh, Militant Movement
– -Revolutionary Workers Party (RWP) -Revolutionary Communist Movement of Greece (RCMG) -Communist Party of Greece (Marxist-Leninist) (CPG(m-l)) -Radical Left Front (RLF) -New Left Current (NLC)
– Youth – Communist Liberation,
– Ecologists-Alternatives