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Chad: opposition condemns French military intervention

7. April 2006

The Action of the Chad for the Unity and Socialism ( ACTUS) condemns
the French military intervention which saves the dictatorial regime of
the President I. Dà©by.

The Action of the Chad for the Unity and Socialism ( ACTUS) condemns with force the intervention of the French Army beside governmental forces to fight the forces of the opposition armed with the SCUD and with the RPJ.

In a press release of March 22, the leader of the SCUD YAYA DILLO DJERROU accuses frankly the French air forces for having transported on the battleground ” all the military material and the troops ” governmental Chadian whereas ” planes of surveillance ” French followed ” directly the movements of the troops of Scud “. Always according to this communiquà©, Idriss Dà©by ” prepared the offensive from start to finish with the active support of the ambassador of France and due to the logistics of the operation Sparrow hawk for the Chad ” , ” the French hà©lico did not stop making ceaseless buns among Abà©chà©, Adrà© and battlefields, supplying people and material in governmental forces. Dà©by was escorted by the French army, in a French plane to Farchana; of Farchana, it is in the French plane that it was returned to Abà©chà© in the evening of March 20 “…

According to the telegram of the AFP, on the last March 14, it is under good escort of the French Army that the General – president Idriss Dà©by Itno got back to the pink palace, in the Guinà©e-Equatoriale’s hasty return where had been communicated to him{*her*} information at the time of state in preparation.

This n-th intervention of the French colonial troops to support the dictators in Africa and in the Chad throw of the opprobrium on a country which claims to defend democracy and human rights in the World. The regime of the General – president Idriss Dà©by Itno is responsible for the murder of more Chadian 25000 in 16 years of dictatorship according to the reports of the associations of the rights of the Man. Never of memory of Chadian, the country knew such a level of misery: The President and the regime specialized in the systematic diversions of the public deniers.

Chad occupies the 173à©me places on 177 countries according to The classification 2005 IDH of the PNUD and the first place for the corruption according to Transparency International’s report on 2005. Hospitals miss cruelly medicines and became of real old people’s homes, the civil servants add up more than 24 months of back pays, no infrastructure is constructed. The country sinks into the abyss.

The country does not nevertheless miss resources. Indeed, the sale of the petroleum since 2003 related in the Chad 306 million dollars of rough takings and the country had exported for 118 million barrels exported according to the report of the world Bank of September, 2005. Only for the first year of sale of petroleum, the country gathered in more than 103 million dollars according to the BEAC, Bank of the States of Central Africa.

In the 90s, world press and the chained Duck abundantly made the criminal echo of activities and financial crime of the General – president Idriss Dà©by Itno. This last one who had been converted in narcotrafiquant and specialist of the imitation of the dollars of barhein.

In 16 years of administration, the General – president Idriss Dà©by Itno did not take away democratically any election. The Presidential elections of 1996 and 2001 were seized due to electoral holdups overseen by the specialist of electoral frauds, agent of the French imperialism (Franà§afrique), Mister Grand Esnon (Cf. Works, (Cf. ” noir silence, qui arràªtera la Franà§afrique” de Franà§ois-Xavier Verschave, à‰ditions les arà¨nes, Paris 2000 et ” Noir Procà¨s” de Franà§ois-Xavier Verschave et Laurent Beccaria, à‰ditions les arà¨nes, Paris 2001).

France so dedicated “democratically” coronation the dictatorship of the General – president Idriss Dà©by Itno to the Chadian People. The other independent sources as that of the Swiss Minister, Roland Hammel, in the testimony: ” Chad : does one know really what happens? ” In the Young weekly Africa N°1855 From 24 till 30 July 1996, deserves to be read. The story arouses of the disgust and confirms this thesis of crime against humanity of which is guilty the General-president Idriss Dà©by Itno with the unconditional support of France. What finds France of vital in this Man responsible for crimes against humanity in the point to make its apology by a financial, military and diplomatic support for 16 years? Pus of Chadian 25000 murdered by this dictator would seem insufficient with the eyes of France. What would be then macabre accounting accounts and secret minimum quota of the deaths Chadian that would have settled France? When France will decide to remove the wolf what it had introduced into the sheepfold since December, 1989?

Does France still remember these Chadian young people, torn extracted from their Continent, enlisted by force in the colonial army to free the hexagon of the Nazi occupation? These today old and ill young people for the greater part, had heroically fought, even were of use of pulpit to standard Today, they undergo racism and do not benefit from any gratitude of France in their African villages. The descendants of these nice cannon fodders did they become so dangerous and enemy of France so much that it is necessary to organize their preventive and systematic extermination by these dictators of Franà§afrique?

The proliferation of movements armed on the vast of the Chadian territory gives evidence if necessary, of the popular revolt of the populations which fight to get rid of the tyranny. This right of the Peoples for the self-determination and to fight against all the forms of oppression including by armed struggle is recognized by the statement of Algiers of 1976.

Already in 1940, the French People had rebelled to release itself from the Nazi occupation. The Chadian People has also the right and the duty to fight weapons in the hand to release itself from the fascist regime of the General – president Idriss Dà©by Itno.

The denial of democracy and the fight for liberties to the Chadian People whose France makes watch, would have only a single explanation: that of the racism anti-black as has just confirmed it the report of the advisory committee against the racism, put back on March 23, 2006 to the French Prime Minister. This report indicates that 1 French on 3 declares itself openly racist. In the collective subconscious of the white Man and particularly the French political leaders, the black remains a Subhuman in whom human rights are not applicable!

The spirit of the good old superiority complex of the white Man civilized in front of wild blacks whom it would be necessary to civilize and to humanize persists nowadays. This cultural inheritance is a continuance of the project of order in messidor 2 a year X (in August 9, 1777 of the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte and the speeches of Jules Ferry in front of the National Assembly on July 28, 1885 who said: ” I repeat that there is for the superior races a right because there is a duty for them. They have the duty to civilize the lower races “.

The Action of the Chad for the Unity and Socialism ( ACTUS) :

– Condemn with force intervention and unconditional support of France for the criminal regime of the General – president Idriss Dà©by Itno.

– Require the immediate and unconditional lock of the French military bases in the Chad and in Africa. Indeed, they are fatal for the democracy, against the interests of the Peoples and their essential role is to protect the dictators, to break the fights of emancipation of the Peoples against the dominion of the French imperialism, Franà§afrique.

– Throw a solemn appeal to the Chadian popular masses to pass in the superior stage of the uprising general and generalized to annihilate the criminal power of the General – president Idriss Dà©by Itno.

– Throw an ultimate appeal to the union of action of the plural opposition for the decisive and final battle against the dictatorship.

– Call all the officers and the soldiers of the Chadian residual Army to desert massively to join their brothers in arms who joined the forces of the opposition. General uprising requires also your participation.

– Supports the heroic fight of all the fighters of the politico-military movements which fight weapons in the hand against the tyranny

– Honours the fighters of the SCUD and the RPJ, fallen on the field of honor and battle during the fights of March 20, 2006 in the East.

– Asks the international community (UA, UNO, EU and in friendly countries of the Chad, to exercise strong pressures by penalties against the General – president Idriss Dà©by Itno (real obstacle in the peace) in the binding to accept the organization of a Conference of global peace and without exclusive. Such a proposition of peace was already formulated by the Parties of opposition, the politico-servicemen and Society for more than a decade.

– Any attempt and\or any subterfuge aiming to maintain in power the General – president Idriss Dà©by Itno in spite of its crimes against humanity will be dedicated to the failure. These delaying operations will make only galvanize the determination of the Chadian People for armed struggle until the final victory, in this particular case the stake outside state to damage the General – president Idriss Dà©by Itno.

The Chadian popular masses would not have the other alternatives that that of Armed struggle if the dictator persists in refusing the dress of a Conference of peace Global and without exclusive.

For the Action of the Chad for the Unity and Socialism ( ACTUS)
The General Secretary