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France: Hamas, Pflp speak out

15. April 2006

Meeting of solidarity with the Palestinian people’s resistance
Increasing colonisation and discrimination against the Palestinians accelerated by the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948, blockade and shelling of Gaza, killing and house destruction in the West Bank, arbitrary detention and the torture of prisoners … the day-to-day situation in occupied Palestine confirms the constant will of the successive Zionist governments, i.e., to colonise Palestine, expel a maximum number of Palestinians from their land and consequently repress ferociously all forms of resistance.

Each passing day, the state of Israel further violates the basic rights of the Palestinian people. Still, however, it is not against this intolerable situation that the international powers, the European Community and the French state representatives protest and act. The party against which the international community ministries of foreign affairs, the subservient media, and the economic and financial powers are protesting and acting is the Palestinian people, accused of not submitting to the funders’ diktats, of not renouncing their rights and of voting for representatives who assert that they will not betray the mandate for which they were elected.

Whereas the blockade and the embargo should be aimed at the terrorist state of Israel in order to force it to stop the plundering of Palestine, the victims of the colonialist occupation are submitted to submit-or-die-of-hunger blackmailing, health and education access restrictions, wages retention threatening, non-refunding of Palestinian Authority taxes due by the state of Israel, etc. The European Community and the French government have sided with the United States government in order to impose upon the Palestinian people the last episode of the “Road Map”: a programme of food against capitulation.

Accordingly, we hereby proclaim that the solidarity with the Palestinian people must be total and unconditional.

The Mouvement de Soutien à  la Rà©sistance du Peuple palestinien (MSRPP), which gathers eleven organisations, intends to powerfully express the need to support the national rights of the Palestinian people in order to:
– End the occupation and abolish the racist and colonialist Israeli system
– Implement the right of return for all the refugees expelled since 1948
– Ensure the self-determination of the Palestinian people

We invite you to a meeting in which the Palestinian resistance will express itself

On 30 April 2006, at 2:30 p.m.
at Espace Robespierre, Ivry
Metro Mairie d’Ivry – line 7

With the presence and participation of:
– SALAH BARDAWIL, lawmaker member of the Palestinian Legislative Counsel, spokesperson of the parliamentary Hamas group
– RABAH MHANNA, member of the political bureau of the Popular Front of the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP)
– a member of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades

Since real support implies the respect of the Palestinians choice as to their political persuasion and their own means of resistance, the MSRPP calls all the supportive actors in the name of the Palestinian people to back this initiative.

Associations participating in the Movement of solidarity with the Resistance of the Palestinian People (MSRPP):
Mouvement Justice pour la Palestine (, Comità© Action Palestine (Bordeaux)(, Comità© Saint-Ouen Solidarità© Palestine(, ISM France (, Association Niort pour la Palestine (, Association SolidariP (Vitry sur Seine) (, Nanterre Palestine (, Association Abnah Philistine (, Association Palestine en Marche (Lyon)(, Mouvement Justice pour la Palestine Bayonne (, Comità© palestinien pour le droit au retour / Section France(