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The Bolivarian revolution must go on — 10 million votes for Chavez

30. April 2006

Bolivarian congress in Europe to send solidarity delegation to Venezuela

In forthcoming December 2006 the Venezuelan people will be called to the polls to decide over a renewed mandate for president Hugo Chavez. Since 1998 a huge majority especially among the poor classes has been confirming the Bolivarian transformation in seven elections or referendums.

Seven years of Bolivarian revolution has changed the face of Venezuela: The old economic and political elites have been ousted from power. The oil resources have been recuperated by the nation. Significant socials reforms are being undertaken in the fields of education, health, labour and housing for the poor.

The Bolivarian revolution is generating a strong international echo which already caused a change of relationship of forces in Latin America. For the first time the imperialist globalisation led by the U.S. is being challenged by a project of an anti-imperialist nation state with the prospective of transformation to a new socialism. Millions want to follow this example and join the struggle against the American Empire and its capitalist globalisation. The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has opened a new cycle of struggles against the neo-liberal dictates by Washington. Even some governments are responding putting in question the ultra-liberalist dogmas. Chavez is known for his courage to attack the imperialist atrocities like the U.S. torture camp in Guantanamo, the terror of the occupation of Iraq or the warmongering against Iran. In his address to the Social Forum in Caracas he called for a large Anti-imperialist Front to co-ordinate the struggle of the aggressed people against the capitalist globalisation and its empire.

It is not by accident that the U.S. has sponsored several attempts to bring down Chavez: the putsch of April 2002, the oil strike, terrorist activities like the assassination of the public prosecutor Danilo Anderson as well as a permanent international diplomatic campaign to isolate the Bolivarian government.

Regarding the elections 2006 Washington is conscious that the Venezuelan people will confirm Chavez and his anti-imperialist and socialist line in office. Therefore they are already stepping up a new campaign against the democratic system of Venezuela with the support of the oligarchic opposition and the anti-Chavist reformist forces infiltrated in the bureaucracy and the state institutions.

In Venezuela the people prepares itself for a new anti-imperialist battle to confirm its president. The campaign set as its goal 10 million votes for people’s power, anti-imperialist sovereignty and the socialism of the 21st century. To achieve victory broader layers of the people must be politicised and dragged into the political process. As the electoral participation in Venezuela traditionally is very scarce the real show of strength is the turn out.

Given the support which Bolivarian Venezuela lends to all the people in the world to re-conquer self-determination, sovereignty and social equality this solidarity must be reciprocated.

Therefore we invite all democratic and popular forces and individuals to join hands in a international campaign to support Chavez in the elections of December 2006 climaxing in a solidarity delegation to Venezuela.

Before we propose to hold in autumn of 2006 in Europe a Bolivarian congress expressing international solidarity to the anti-imperialist efforts of the Venezuelan people and preparing the ground for an Anti-imperialist Front as proposed by Chavez.

Anti-imperialist Camp
May 2006