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After Nasseria, Kabul

15. May 2006

On the shameful decision of Communist Refoundation, Italy, to support the occupation

Bi-partite Italy these days is quarrelling about governmental positions and their benefices but not about troop deployments. On this matter the centre-left-right is unified more than ever in the common imperialist interest.

It has become a kind of hypocritical rite being played after each fallen soldier according to which the Italian troops in Iraq as well as in Afghanistan are there to bring peace and humanitarian aid. The reality of war and occupation, the crimes committed against the people, all this is being systematically covered up.

But this is not only hypocrisy, it is also a clear political choice. We have been witnesses of the way the centre left and right agreed on the plan to “withdraw” the Italian troops from Iraq “in accordance” with Washington. Now the same is being repeated with Afghanistan.

We have been warning all those who hoped for a substantial policy change after the elections of last April ousting Berlusconi from office. It was the turn of Rifondazione Comunista (PRC) to make things clear. In a recent meeting of its National Political Committee it turned down a motion calling for immediate withdrawal of the Italian troops from Afghanistan and instructing the MP’s to vote against the budget for the “missions” in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo and Bosnia.

The documents proposed by Marco Ferrando, the candidate on PRC’s list who was barred from running because he supports the Palestinian liberation struggle against Israel and dared to voice advocacy of one democratic state in entire Palestine, was repealed not only by the majority fraction led by Bertinotti but also by the so-called critical left of the “Ernesto” current which used to mingle with and woo the anti-war movement.

The Prodi government has not even been born yet but the mechanism of opportunist adaptation is already in full swing. There can be no doubt about its: this is the bi-polar regime of Americanism where left and right play the same servile role.

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