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After US massacre in Kandahar: withdraw occupation troops!

29. May 2006

by “Left Radicals of Afghanistan”, Jalalabad

Yes, ISAF is imperialist type cooperation!

Last week the US and coalition forces under the name of “ISAF” (Assistance and Cooperation) heavily air attacked civilian in Panjwai district of Kandahar province. The air attacks launched after the armed opposition started their military operation against invader forces led by US in Kandahar. Following the heavy deadly fighting, that imposed numerous casualties to the imperialist forces and local government, made the USA and coalition forces wrathful to take revenge in the area where the attacks were carried out. So, they turned fire on poor villages of Panjwai where according to US and local government resources around one hundred are dead and according to people and witnesses that reported to the local “independent media” there are hundreds of dead and injured.

Of course it is not the first time that the US led forces target the civilians, before it happened in Ghazni, Konar, Pakteya, Khost, Jalalabad, Helmand, Nooristan….. But their simple answer to all these wild operations against civilian is just “sorry”, they shed the blood of innocent people and then without any attention and “improvement” present their “holy dollars” to the victims or their families, where in most cases the people refuse to take any cent for their blood.

In the beginning of 2005, following the protest of civilians and poor people in East, East North, North West, against US uncivilized operations, homes search, humiliation…. Karzai arranged a trip to the USA to discuss with Bush about the direction of US military operations in Afghanistan. Karzai asked Bush that the US operations should be conducted under the command of the Afghan army or at least the US command head quarter before launching military operations should inform Afghan authorities but Bush refused to respond positively to Karzai’s demands. He told Karzai that it is impossible. Poor Karzai thinks that he really is an independent president with full authority and freedom. But it is a sweat dream. As occupying forces, the initiative and command of operation is in the hand of US forces and all major policies and plans have been projected in Washington, Karzai and his government is a puppet which is being played with and should obey US commands.

Now, even children know that Afghanistan is an occupied country, where the west imperialist media and press color it as a legal/necessary occupation permitted by the UN! The people of Afghanistan say that there is no difference between the Soviet Union’s invasion and the one of US-NATO. There is no difference between Karmal and Karzai, both of them were/are puppets brought to power by occupiers. If the people of Afghanistan yesterday resisted against occupiers, today is the same story, and it takes its legitimacy from self defense, liberation, independence natural rights of a nation which has been repressed by imperialist invaders openly. Naturally, where is oppression and injustice, there is resistance and struggle. The new development in Afghanistan proves our claim.

USA because of its own strategic interest, invested in Afghanistan since three last decades. Mujahedin, Jihad, Osama, Hekamatyar, Taliban all are the products of west imperialism. All the scenarios that were going on in Afghanistan was just paving the way for direct occupation of US imperialism in Afghanistan. When the last invasion happened following heavy civil war in Afghanistan, people were very tired, hopeless, poor, victimized, lost their assets, and in one word the country has been changed into hell. People just needed a pause, a ceasefire or peace. They wanted to be released from this hell.

Some people even scholars in the world cannot understand how the scenario of invasion and occupation of Afghanistan was created by US imperialism. In spite of this, still there are a lot of parties even with a Left tradition, even some of them are in power, that defend war in Afghanistan and vote for existence of their troops to shoulder US to bring “peace” in Afghanistan?!

In fact the people of Afghanistan are against the occupiers. During four years of occupation, there is not any major sign of development and improvement of the life level of people. Still millions of people have been living in exile, due to worst security, economic and social situation. Poverty, high prices, unemployment, corruption, crimes…reach epoch high levels and there is no hope if this puppet government and its foreign supporters will go on.

Free market and privatization that are the gifts of imperialism, seriously have been introducing and implementing in Afghanistan but the result is what we are watching in the rest of the world. Poor are going to be more poor and the rich are going to be more rich!! The middle class is going to be removed. Yes it is the a fact.

Counter to the media in the west, people of Afghanistan never agreed with the occupation and never imperialism due to its exploiter nature will serve the Afghan people. Four years direct experiences showed that, the existence of imperialists in Afghanistan is just for their own strategic interest not to step towards the interest of the people of Afghanistan. Dozens of countries in the US coalition, named themselves as “assistance and cooperation” forces, but in reality they contribute to insecurity, instability, killing, crimes, fighting, poverty, unemployment and beggary. Can anybody count their massacre in Kandahar last week as assistance or cooperation??!

The last bombardment in Kandahar must be a slap on the faces of those who still think that their troops in Afghanistan are fighting against “terrorism”. We do not address the imperialist countries and bourgeois parties around the world, but we address those countries, parties, unions and individuals that claim being related to the working class, the left, to anti-imperialism, because confirmation of the war in Afghanistan is directly supporting US and imperialist plans and interests and it’s a direct felony to working class and a nation. Therefore, we call on all Left and anti-imperialist parties and forces around the world to campaign against the war in Afghanistan and force their governments to withdraw their troops from Afghanistan. The people of the other countries must not sacrifice their sons for the interests of US imperialism. They must not allow their sons and troops to give a hand to US imperialism to commit massacres, kill the people of Afghanistan in order to insure instability in the Afghanistan to justify its direct existence in the region for its strategic interests.

– We strongly condemn the last massacre of US and coalition forces in Kandahar!
– We strongly demand for the withdrawal of all foreigners troops from Afghanistan!
– Long live the anti imperialist movement over the world!

Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)
Jalalabad- Afghanistan
26 May 2006