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Anti US riot in Kabul brutally repressed

1. June 2006

by the Left Radicals of Afghanistan

The shocking massacre by US and coalition forces in Kandahar last week is not yet forgotten and the blood of innocent people is not washed away, and the tormented people of Afghanistan are drowned in an ocean of blood by US forces in the north of Kabul once again.

On 29 May 8:00 AM, a military convoy of the US coalition forces on the way from Bagram military base to Kabul crushed and demolished more than 30 private vehicles and dozens of people along both sides of the jam-packed road in Khairkhana Kotal.

It is worth to mention that due to the concentration of more than three million people in Kabul and outdated traffic system, narrow roads and on the other hand about half of the roads of the middle of the city are being blocked by US embassy, US related departments, other embassies, foreign companies, NGOs … Usually when foreign forces, diplomats, high ranking government officials are on the streets, each and every time the roads are blocked, for 20-60 minutes daily, which creates problems to the traffic system and problems for the citizens.

According to the witnesses and injured in the Emergency Hospital, the US coalition convoy was driving fast and it looked as if the drivers were drunk. The road was packed with vehicles as usual. As the US coalition convoy was in hurry, they switched on their horns fully and were driving as madly as never can be imaged. They first crushed a taxi with four persons inside, then any vehicle and person that came in front of them. As a result of that incident, more than 30 private vehicles were crushed badly and 56 persons were crushed dead and injured within a few moments.

When the residents of the area saw the sadist killing, and the damage, they gathered immediately and threw stones at the US coalition convoy. The angry crowd chanted slogans such as as “Death to the USA”, “Death to the occupiers”, “Death to Karzai”, “They are plunderers”, “They are murderers”, “Go home”, “We want justice for our victims and the perpetrators must be punished and put to an public trial”. While the angry crowd were stoning and chanting in the area where the incident had taken place, US-coalition forces opened fire and shot indiscriminately on the angry, but unarmed people. More than 87 were shot dead and 256 injured. Finally, they succeeded to disperse the furious crowd and opened a way for the convoy to escape from the spot. But the suffering people once again filled the roads and stood for revenge.

Local private TV stations 20-30 minutes later showed live scenes of the US forces who were running wild and shooting people. Among the 256 injured, there were two children aged six and eight, who were frightened to go home, they ran towards US forces, they were shot by US forces too. All these shocking scenes were repeatedly broadcast in the morning, but when the riot spread and the number of demonstrators against the US-coalition forces increased, the terrible original scenes that reflected the barbarism and brutality of the US-led coalition were censored and were not broadcast again.

Subsequently, to pretend that the disaster was a simple matter and business as usual, it was called a simple traffic incident due to technical problems of a US vehicle!

At 11 A.M., while the demonstrators carrying some dead bodies and chanting slogans against the USA, the occupiers and the local puppet administration near Serena Hotel (the most expensive hotel in Kabul) and the offices of the World Bank, once again they were shot at, and several people have been killed by the claimants of democracy, human rights and civil society.

The widen anti US- coalition demonstrations were participated by tens of thousands people such as school students, workers, youths, unemployed and other strata of the society.

The broad protest of the population has frightened both the US-led coalition and the local government; they are afraid that if they will answer to the legitimate demands of the people by the language of force, it would create irreparable damages. So all the authorities, from the US coalition, NATO, the US embassy, Karzai, the Defence Ministry, Interior Ministry, High court, parliament, senate, provincial council to influential individuals on TV and radio requested people to be patient and keep peace and stability. The Afghan authorities promised that they would investigate and punish the killers and creators of the incident which resulted in 87 dead and 256 injured. But the US-coalition authorities once again promised to pay just one thousand dollars to the families of each victim!

The parliament asked the demonstrators to come to parliament and discuss their demands, but it was a hoax, the police and security forces identified them and arrested all of them on the way to their homes. Three days have passed since the incident, the local administration instead of investigating and punishing the US soldiers who caused that big human disaster, began to arrest more and more demonstrators as “rebels” who did not observe the “regulations about demonstrations”! The stupid authorities expect people to be silent, peaceful, and polite when they demand justice for their victims!

The authorities think that there are some hidden hands behind the riot of the tens of thousands of people on 29 May. Mr. Mujadidi, the senate chairperson, told the media that there are communists behind the scene.

Now, more than 200 youths, students and workers have been detained and face dreadful investigations and brutal torture, humiliation and probably long-term prison sentences.

The Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA) expresses its great condolence to the victims’ families and strongly condemns the hegemonic, barbaric action of the US coalition.

We urgently call upon all local and international Left, workers’ and anti-imperialist forces to condemn the disaster caused by the US-coalition forces and to express their solidarity with the people of Afghanistan under the occupation. Please strongly and urgently demand the release of all 200 new detainees.

Please send your protest letters to President Karzai
and Interior Ministry:
and a copy to Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA):

End the occupation!
End the brutal military operations!
Stop the killing of innocent civilians!
Release all prisoners!

Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)
Kabul, Afghanistan