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German government bullies Norway

11. June 2006

Hamas MP impeded to come to Germany on Norwegian visa

The MP Yahya al Abadsa of the Hamas fraction in the Palestinian National Assembly has been invited to Oslo by the Palestine Committee. Already before the Norwegian authorities have been indirectly challenging the EU’s Zionist line to refuse any contacts to the elected Palestinian government by granting visas to Hamas members and even accepting meetings with them. Also now Abadsa was granted visa to Norway even valid for the entire Schengen treaty states.

Thus the Anti-imperialist Camp together with the Islamic “Human Dignity and Rights” Association (HDR) invited Abadsa to Germany. A meeting with a member of the German Bundestag, Hüsein Aydin, of the PDS was already scheduled.

But Germany forced Norway to impede Abadsa’s trip to Cologne. They let the Norwegian authorities know that Abadsa would not even be allowed transit through Germany. The foreign ministry in Oslo reproduced this pressure by telling the Palestine committee that visa for Abadsa would be withdrawn in case the trip to Germany would not be cancelled.

The Anti-imperialist Camp repeats its condemnation of the EU’s and Germany’s siding with the Israeli aggression and its complicity in starving the Palestinian people. We demand an end of the boycott and the recognition of the elected government.

As the European imperialist oligarchy is impeding any attempt to have Hamas representatives directly addressing the European peoples we are planning to send a delegation to Palestine to start the dialogue from below in order to pave the way for the recognition of the right to self-determination of the Palestinian people.

Anti-imperialist Camp
Vienna, June 11, 2006

al-Abadsa unable to go to Germany

The Palestine Committee in Oslo regrets to announce that because of German pressure it was impossible for the Palestinian MP from Hamas Yahya al-Abadsa to perform his scheduled visit to Germany in addition to his trip to Norway. The Norwegian Foreign Department has made clear to the Palestine Committee that it would create huge problems if al-abadsa was to go to Germany. Apparently German authorities would have deferred even only the transit of the MP through German soil in spite that he has received a Schengen Visa.

The intervention of Germany is another clear sign that the EU is blindly following the US and Israel and furthermore even intervening against a meeting of an elected representative of the Palestinian population on the West Bank and Gaza strip. It is a positive step that Norway has chosen another position, but stronger actions needs to be taken to break the international isolation of the Palestinian people resisting an illegal and brutal occupation.

Palestine Committee of Norway/ Ingrid Baltzersen