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Ghaza: Israeli collective punishment resembles Nazi crimes against the Jewish ghettoes

7. July 2006

It is the Palestinian’s right to fight the occupations troops and take prisoners

The last days has displayed the most disgusting hypocrisy of the Western public opinion. Even UN secretary general Kofi Annan and the pope have called for the release of the imprisoned occupation soldier. But nobody care about the thousand and thousand Palestinian political prisoners, among them women and children held without trial let alone the daily terror the occupation unleashes against the civilian population.

The Palestinians offered an exchange of prisoners but Israel categorically refused. The Zionists do not care about the live of their soldier. They are happy to have a justification to collectively punish the Palestinian people for their steadfast resistance. It is like the Nazi war machine on the Balkans. Every loss the resistance could inflict on them they returned with systematic massacres against the civilian population. Israel is bombarding a completely defenceless ghetto destroying first of all the vital water and electricity supply and then they cut it off any humanitarian aid. Like for the Nazis the entire occupied population is terrorist and thus deserves to be terrorised and killed.

The perversion has no limits. When the Palestinian guerrilla in the completely asymmetric war David against Goliath hits settlers or Israelis within the territories occupied in 1948, the West cries for the loss of “civilians” – something which is never done for Palestinian civilians killed by Israel. Now as the resistance could hit an exclusively military target in an armed action covered by international law the outcry is even bigger and not insightful as it would flow from the arguments put forward.

All this shows that the talk of terror, civilians and humanitarian values is completely void. Behind there is pure and blank colonial racism declaring the colonized and oppressed people as inferior sub-humans exactly as the Nazis did.

We herewith renew our full and unconditional support for the Palestinian liberation struggle against Zionism including by armed means. We confirm our support for the Hamas government which was elected and is backed by the Palestinian people because it refuses Fatah’s sell-out and collaboration. As Israel showed that it will never accept a Palestinian state alongside itself, it is only consequent that the Palestinians on their turn struggle for the liberation of entire Palestine from Zionist occupation. The only solution is one democratic anti-imperialist state providing freedom for the three religions. Self-determination of the Palestinian people is the only possibility of peaceful co-existence. Under the rule of imperialism Zionism the massacres will continue eternally.

Anti-imperialist Camp
July 7, 2006