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The resisting people of Lebanon still need our support

25. September 2006

Campaign: Humanitarian donations, solidarity delegation and political support conference

Despite the success of the Lebanese resistance in stopping the Israeli aggression and inflicting high losses to the Israeli army the UN resolution 1701 with the subsequent deployment of foreign troops in Lebanon means an attempt to accomplish the aims of the Israeli mission through an international diplomatic and military intervention. The Lebanese government led by the Hariri clan in alliance with the pro-Saudi-Western 14th March block is accomplice in these efforts although they do not dare to admit it openly.

The resistance is therefore entering a new stage defending its legitimacy against the 14th March forces controlling the state and eventually its existence against the foreign intervention troops by the European armies replacing the Israelis.

Sooner or later we are expecting a new escalation of the conflict having a new quality comprising the entire region. Therefore it is the task of the worldwide peace and anti-imperialist movement today to defend the Lebanese resistance and the victory which could be achieved against the Israeli aggression.

We therefore propose a solidarity campaign project, which includes three activities on different levels:

1. Humanitarian campaign to support the activity of independent humanitarian/political groups in helping the refugees and participating in the reconstruction.

Materials have been collected by some groups in Europe for example in Germany. The containers are to be sent to Lebanon. Everything channelled officially by the Lebanese embassy will end up to be a part of the Hariri rehabilitation attempts trying to politically weaken the resistance. We therefore propose to cover the transportation costs by collecting from the solidarity groups in Europe, sending the materials to the organisation “Nashet” in Lebanon (see description in the appendix). For the time being the costs to be covered are between 1000 and 2000 euro.

Donations should be transferred to the bank account of the Anti-imperialist Camp in Austria with the indication “Lebanon”:

IBAN: AT30 1200 0007 4134 5219

2. Solidarity delegation: A solidarity delegation is to be sent from various European countries to:

a. transport additional materials
b. participate in the reconstruction works
c. meet with political forces

Considering that the reconstruction activities will be stopped in Winter, the delegation should not arrive too late in autumn.

3. Peace conference with the resistance:

For Spring 2007 we are planning to hold an international conference in Rome “For a just peace – give voice to the resistance”. While the EU’s governments align behind the US war we believe that peace requires dialogue. But our governments while talking of democracy repress the voice of the resistance are labelling any opposition terrorist. We demand that the representatives of the Arab-Islamic resistance movement namely from Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq are granted visa. They should be given the possibility to explain their struggle against the occupation. We believe that peace is only possible with justice and this means to support the just popular struggle against the occupation.

Anti-imperialist Camp
Arab Palestine Club Vienna (APC)
Nashet (Activist), Lebanon