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Lebanon Resistance Shows The Way

13. October 2006

Free Thought and Educational Rights/ Ozgur-Der’s Adress to The Solidarity Congress With Hugo Chavez

Lets have a look to the events of the last five year:

Brutal occupation of Iraq, The Fallujah-Baquba-Basrah Massacres, the Occupation of Afghanistan, Cenk Castle Massacre and inhuman treats to Afghan people, The USA’s unjust threats against anti-imperialist people of Islamic Iran, Israel’s brutal occupation, Rafah-Gaza-Nablus Massacres, the spread of Nazi-oriented Annexation Wall in Palestine, the widening discriminaton and pressures against Europe’s Muslim minority, the rise of Paris suburbs against widening discrimination, the USA plots agains Hugo Chavez and all South American people, the late Occupation of Lebanon, The Qana Massacre and it goes on…

All these historic events clearly shown that Global Opression order, lead by USA and old colonialist powers of Europe; is trying to globalise its occupation and trying to stabilize their global oppression and impoverishing regime.

But the last five years has shown another thing, to all of us also:

The brave and heroic struggle of Lebanon’s Islamic resistance shown that; another way is possible against the widening massacres, opressions and occupations. The late Intıfadah shows us an alternative way, as globalising for the form of a Global Intifadah. The brave Palestinian people and its elected Islamic leaders are not accepting imperialist orders despite the threats with hunger. Islamic resistance of Somalia is showing that people of the world are not accepting USA’s brutal order alltogether! Islamic Iran and Korea is resisting against global opression orders. And also Venezuella and South Americas anti-imperialist movements are resisting and shown that another way is possible for our global society!

Globalising Solidarity of the Oppressed

Hugo Chavez, as a symbol for South American peoples revolution, always shown his respect and solidarity with anti- imperialist Islamic resistance of Middle East people and Europe. We always saw him in the side of the oppressed people, working on the behalf of impoverished people.

Chavez not only shown to the world leftist movements that; the right way is being in solidarity with Islamic anti- imperialist resistance. He also shown that THE ONLY WAY to beat the empire is the solidarity of all anti-imperialists and building a global wide front against occupations from Palestine to Venezuella; from Paris to Mogadishu.

Down with The New Global Opression World Order

Empire – or say it Modern Pharaoh Order-, is not strong and enduring as all tought. It is more fragile than we imagined!

Islamic Resistance of Lebanon, Hizbollah; proved this; by burying the so called unbeaten Israeli occupation army into the Lebanon land. Can you imagine! With only five thousand brave man Islamic Resistance of Lebanon, beaten one of the strongest and brutal military powers of the world with chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. How? They succeed with clear anti-imperialist policies, with solidarity with all opposition forces and with only depending to Allah and their people! Do you ever think USA leaded global powers can stand against us if we unite in a global anti-imperialist justice front?

Brave Palestinian Intıfiadah and its elected Islamic leaders; is forcing Israeli Occupation Regime, the USA’s right hand. Israeli Brutal Regime is now downing and on the way of Aphartheid of South Africa!

Iraqi Intifadah buried USA army with all its so called technical and military superiority into the desert. Islamic resistance of Iraq did not allowed and will not; USA to use Iraq freelly as a base for its brutal plots against Middle East and whole World. Black Hawk is really down! USA now trying to find a place to run off from the new Vietnam!

NATO is giving its last breaths now, in the hands of Afghan anti-imperialist resistance. In Africa; Somalia’s Islamic resistance, is showing that they would not accept USA’s plots against the African people’s and it is possible to build a virtous society from the zero point. Peoples of Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Pakistan, Indonesia are uniting on the side of anti-imperialist movements day by day.

By this way; Venezuella also shown that how we, people; can overwhelm USA’s global hegemony and lock it in his blind politics. USA tried to overhelm to peoples revolution; with its agents inside, with military plots and with diplomatic tides; but failed! USA failed because brave South American people shown a great anti-imperialist stand behind their brave leaders like Chavez. This shows the revolutionary way to all of us… Chavez and Ahmedinejad bravely disgraced imperialist policies of USA at the UN General Essambly.

Allah, the ruler and creator of all the universe wants us to beat the hegemony, the oppression regime and to bring a more justfull, free world. The only thing we must to do is not the afraid of so called World rulers, to unite, to make solidarity and resist alltogether. Allah, The God; wants to suffocate Modern Pharaohs in the united opposition seas!

For a society approaching to the human innateness, for a justful world order, for a more justful ecomonic and politic share and for our children WE SHOULD be able to build a global opposition front against imperialist brutality! This global front has a great and honourable name:GLOBAL INTIFADAH! Palestine and Lebanon is showing the way!

We call to all the oppressed nations, people of ocupated lands, impoverished societies and anti-imperialist people of the world to make solidarity in the base of resistance against opressive powers and to build a Global Intifadah!

Resist Globally Against The Hegomony

We as Free Thought and Educational Rights Association/ Ozgur-Der and Muslims of Turkey; again want to express our solidarity with the oppressed peoples of Venezuala, Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay, Chili and all South America’s. We again want to express our deep respect, will and desiciveness for solidarity with the anti-imperialist Venezuellan people symbolised in the name of Hugo Chavez against Globalising imperialism. We are with the revolution of Venezualian people and praying for the rise of Global İntifadah against the empire, as well as in South America.

Despite lack of being there; our hearts are with the poeple of Venezuellans working for justice, for resistance against global opression, for a more just share and for a better world order. And Our hearts are with their brave leader Hugo Chavez. Greetings to all anti-imperialists of South America!

Down with İmperialism!
Long Live Global İntifadah!
Long Live Solidarity Against Occupation and Oppression!

Free Thought and Educational Rights Association
Istanbul- TURKEY