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Referendum in South Ossetia

14. November 2006

Anti-imperialists recognize the right to self-determination against NATO ally Georgia

We, members of different political organizations from several European countries, support the struggle of the people of South Ossetia to gain its independence. In our opinion this struggle joins into a wide range of anti-imperialistic struggles world-wide. It is directed against the interests of the United States in the Caucasus region and thereby it is an important contribution in the global struggle against US-imperialism.

We are convinced of the fact that the referendum is a first, important step toward self-determination. The speculation in some medias, that this struggle for independence is inspired by the Russian imperialism, has no material basis. Because Russia does not have an interest to shift the problems and instabilities of the region in the inside of its borders. In addition this would mean a sharp confrontation with the international community of states, for which Russia is not ready. Nevertheless Russia tries to rope this movement in their interests against the Georgia.

The people of South Ossetia was in the twenties and nineties of the last century victim of ethnical cleanings by the policy of the Georgian state. If the international community of states holds to the status quo, if South Ossetia should remain thus a part of the Georgian state, then such events could repeat themselves.

We are, however, in full awareness that still many obstacles will block the people of South-Ossetia on its way to independence, in particular because the international balances of power do not support the tendency of this people. If however the territory of South Ossetia should be a victim of a military aggression on the part of the Georgian government we will mobilize forces, in order to inform on this aggression. We will try to mobilize the anti-imperialistic forces, in order to support the effort of the people of South Ossetia.

International Solidarity Committee for the People of South Ossetia
Anti-imperialist Camp

Press release
12th of November 2006, Tskhinvali, South Ossetia