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The execution of Saddam Hussain is a new crime of imperialist occupation

31. December 2006

Statement by the Turkish revolutionary Islamist organisation Özgür Der

The turndown Iraqi president Saddam Hussein executed. Some are trying to justify this execution as an establishment of the justice or a reward of crimes Saddam did before. Despite all this, this execution can not be respected as a lawful act. This is another murder and crime of bloody handed occupation.

That is right; in the long years of dictatorship Saddam Hussein and Hussein leaded Baath Party have given unmeasured pain to Iraqi people. That is true that Saddam administration not only have given pain to its own Iraqi people but also started the 8 years prolonged war against Iran and caused the turn of the Middle East into a lake of blood. Saddam; with the encouragement and direct support of the global imperialist powers serviced well in the mission to blockade the Islamic revolution. At the same time there is no controversy that he and his collaborators are guilty for their crimes, deserved to be punished and should be accounted for all their doings.

But also this is also uncontroversial that the power which overturned Saddam Hussein, trialed and executed him is not the power of Iraqi people, it is the imperialist occupation. Occupation is a great lawfulness and a crime against humanity that can not be justified with any reason. As well as this, neither Iraqi laws nor international jurisprudence gave any right to an occupation force to make the political, jurisprudential and economic changes at the composition of the occupied land. By looking and acting principally, not pragmatically we should condemn all doings of the occupation. With this principally perspective it should be said that imperialist occupation and its collaborators has no right to judge neither Saddam Hussein nor another criminal.

Together with the occupation factor, the judgment procedure of Saddam Hussein is also full of nonsense. With a fake jury, with judges and attorney generals appointed by the occupation forces and the killings of the lawyers, there is a pulp scenario. And at the end of this scenario the death penalty which is decided before the judgment. All these indicators show that there is no law on the stage.

And plus all these, this execution has dangers to flame the sectarian conflicts and intrigues which are trying to be produced and exaggerated by the occupation forces.

Because of all this jurisprudential and political reasons, despite Saddam Hussein was a person which there is now way for us to sympathize to him because of his political identity and doings of all his life; we condemn and protest the execution of Saddam Hussein by the occupation forces as an unlawful and illegitimate act. As the biggest crime and offence is the occupation and to collaborate with it in Iraq; we again want to emphasize that any doing of the occupation is illegal and illegitimate; and all the doings of the occupation take its respond soon.

With ordering the brutal occupation in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and so on; with supporting the Israeli massacres in Palestine, Lebanon and so on and with the plots against peoples throughout the world; USA leader George W. Bush has the blood of millions on his hands and deserves much more than USA’s late ally Saddam Hussein. With our deep believe that soon or later George W. Bush, his companions and collaborators and the torturer commanders of their occupation army will deserve for their massacres, we want to state this: Despite all his military power, occupations, intrigues, plots, massacres and tortures the occupation is being beaten in the Middle East by Islamic resistance and the occupation will flee soon!

Down With USA!
Long Live Iraqi Resistance!
Long Live Global Intifadah!


Fevzipasa Cad. 115/2 Fatih/ ISTANBUL/ TURKEY