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Enough of aggression – down with its US-Italian apologists!

3. February 2007

The Resistance shows the way to peace

It is shameful that while the US Democrats and even some Republicans, who are the designers of the war project in Iraq, start to voice opposition against aggressive neo-colonialism in Iraq and speak of the withdrawal of the occupiers’ troops, their servants in Italy still defend the tragedy in Iraq to be continued. Certainly any conscious and civilized person on the world cannot accept around hundred dead daily in Iraq induced by the foreign occupation, except those who have been suffering from mental disease or sadism.

Some people might simply have judged that Saddam and his partners were sentenced for killing around two hundreds people in Iraq. But the master of the Italian American party, G.W Bush, like Berlusconi and company have been killing hundreds of people everyday. So logic would suggest that they, as they caused the tragedy in Iraq, must be sentenced to death for the killing of hundred thousands of Iraqi people so far.

We seriously condemn Berlusconi & his media outlets to continuously label the freedom loving people of the Resistance as terrorists to be banned. We support the Iraqi people Resistance conference and its struggle for their freedom and independence.

We demand from Prodi and his government to observe the people rights for struggle and support the Iraqi people resistance against imperialists.

Down with imperialists and their servants!
Down with the occupiers and their supporters!
Long live the Iraqi People Resistance!
Long live anti imperialist movement around the world!

Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)
Nasir Loyand