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All progressive forces to participate in the Conference to support the Resistance

Call by the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance

13. February 2007

An International Conference for supporting the Iraqi Resistance will be organized in Chianciano Terme, Italy, on 24/25 March. We consider this conference as the first serious and real action to break the political sanction and isolation imposed by U.S. imperialism against the Iraqi Resistance and the Iraqi People's struggle against the U.S. savage occupation. Also, we look to this conference as the first step for building an international front against imperialism.

The Iraqi Resistance is fighting not only to liberate Iraq but also to defend all nations from the evil of U.S. imperialism which is trying to seize all the world. We are looking forward with deep hope that all progressive groups and friends of the Iraqi people will support this conference by participating in its activities or through sending letters to the conference.

We assure all those who struggle for peace, freedom and equality, that we will continue our resistance against occupation and there is no doubt that we will defeat all occupation forces. Together with all progressive powers, hand in hand, we continue our brave struggle for the best of the humanity.

Best greetings and regards,
Abdul-Jabar Al-Kubaisy
President of the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance – IPA