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Call to action against G8 summit in Heiligendamm, Germany

21. February 2007

Stop occupation and war

In June 2007, the eight biggest capitalist powers will meet in Germany, in the city of Heiligendamm. These G8 meetings have assumed a symbolic character representing the imperialist policy all over the world: While the world’s mightiest are enjoying their cheerful get togethers, dinner parties and cocktails, their armies are bombing innocent people, fighting repressing and torturing civilians, crushing legitimate resistance elsewhere in the world. Their corporations are looting resources belonging to other peoples in other parts of the world, their companies are exploiting the world’s poor and undefended to satisfy their masters’ greed. Their diplomacies are pressurizing sovereign countries in order to make them subjugate under imperialist interests.

This is what G8 summits stand for. And this is why broad opposition movements have risen all over the world to oppose and protest the G8 summits, ranging from civil society groups in the Western world to popular resistance movements in the oppressed countries. In particular, after September 11, 2001 the imperialist violence and arrogance has assumed unbearable heights with their war on Afghanistan and Iraq, their support to Zionist bloody occupation in Palestine, their proxy war in Somalia, their interference in favour of bloody dictatorships and oligarchies such as in Colombia as well as their instigation of reactionary coups such as in Venezuela.

But not only the oppressed peoples in the South, also in the imperialist countries themselves it is the people, the masses who have to pay the price for the imperialist policy. In Germany, where the next G8 meeting will take place, unemployment and poverty have been rising. In the former GDR, which has been annexed by Western imperialism, the situation is especially dire. They have been promised “blossoming landscapes” but capitalist globalisation brought them industrial deserts. The German government has joined the US bandwagon in its war on terror externally and internally increasing pressure on Muslim people in Germany and steadily cutting basic democratic rights.

The G8 is the symbol for imperialist war and oppression! Let’s make the voice of the oppressed and wretched audible in order to foil their conspiracy against the peoples of the world!

Stop the Euro-American terror war!
Support the popular resistance movements!

Anti-imperialist Camp

The Anti-imperialist Camp and especially its German affiliates are organising together with others an anti-imperialist bloc within the main demonstration of June 2. All international participation is welcomed.