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Awni al Kalemji: no to German limited democracy

5. March 2007

Statement on the confirmation of his expulsion by the German authorities

Reaction to Landesamt für Bürger- und Ordnungsangelegenheiten Berlin, Verwaltungsgericht Berlin, 35. Kammer, Geschäftszahl IV Z BO 1, February 13, 2007

Regardless of all empty talk of the rule of law the German authorities once again confirm that they feel in no way bound to the UN charter of Human Rights and all connected international regulations: “it is not relevant whether the armed struggle is in line with the conceptions of the United Nations”.

Nevertheless they arrogate themselves to teach us lessons on democracy – a democracy whose export version our people is currently suffering. While they do declare the breach of any democratic right by the US-led war and occupation of Iraq as enshrined by the UN charter as irrelevant, they put in question our call for an “independent democratic country with a multi party system, religions freedom and social justice”. What paramount hypocrisy.

Why? Because we insist that an independent state where the sovereign is the people can be built only by kicking out the occupiers. Because we insist on our right for self-determination as we will not stop fighting by all means until we have reached this goal. The German authorities complain that we state that the political system of a liberated Iraq will be built on the forces opposing the occupation. Yes, we indeed do not want to follow the German experience of decades long foreign tutelage and limited sovereignty splitting the country. Yes, we insist, that a broad coalition of a wide range of different forces with the most diverse political, cultural and religious background resisting and opposing the occupation will be the core of a new democratic state. We are striving for a new constitution decided upon by the people exerting their right to self-determination. It will be based on equal rights for every citizen regardless of religion or nationality, on the right to form political parties and to elect them. The emerging resistance and liberation front is going to represent the vast majority of our people while it excludes those criminals helping the occupation. No sovereign nation in the world will refrain from holding accountable traitors having helped foreign occupation. Why this right should be denied to us while the US under the guise of the war on terror abducts and detains its own citizens (with the connivance of Germany) denying them even Habeas Corpus established back in 1679 and hailed as the quintessence of the rule of law?

We, however, not only admit but are proud to announce that our democracy has nothing to do with this Western/Israeli-type democracy which is a one way street exclusively reserved for the white man while for the vast majority of the wretched of the world it means nothing else than war, occupation, oppression and exploitation. We can only cite an old German: “A nation which is oppressing other can not be free itself.” (1) This is what is being demonstrated by the German authorities.

Awni al Kalemji
Spokesman Iraqi Patriotic Alliance
March 2007

(1) Karl Marx